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[Success Digest] Before Commitment, Identify Purpose (2) By ‘Tunde Olatunji



Honourable Tunde Olatunji, Chief Whip, Osun State House of Assembly

On my first day in the chemistry class, our teacher said “one major quality of a scientist is CURIOUSITY: the desire to know and learn.” A lot of people today are always eager to know and learn about others but they know little or nothing about themselves and their purpose in life.

Purpose is the end product of self discovery. Until you discover yourself, you can not identify your purpose.

To start with, you must get curious about yourself and ask questions. Questions like:

What is the reason behind my existence? What brings out the best in me? Where am I productive with ease? What gives me joy and fulfillment anytime? What will I be eager to do, even if I’m not going to be paid?

After identifying purpose, you must be determined to fulfill same regardless of obstacles, challenges, disapproval or resistance. They will surely come because the journey to fullfilment of purpose is usually rough and tough. Therefore, among other things, you need to:

1. BE YOURSELF AND BE YOUR BEST: Don’t subject your purpose to the validation of others, you must realise that the truest and greatest validation comes from within you. Be yourself and be your best.

2. BE GUIDED BY THE RIGHT VALUES: You must be willing to pay the price to develop character, content and the spirit of excellence. Your values are you greatest assets.

3. DARE TO STAND OUT: It is better to stand out on thé right path than to join multitudes on the wrong lane. Don’t sacrifice your purpose because you don’t want to be tagged as different or you’re afraid of standing alone. Remember, your purpose is your unique identity.

4. REMAIN FOCUSED: Others may not see the big picture you’re seeing, it may not even look like it today, but as long as it is purpose, the world will acknowlege and celebrate you in the fulness of time.

For Dr. Richard, the good thing is that he has solved the biggest problem by identifying his purpose. Even when it appears as if it were “the opposite of being a medical doctor”, I see him as someone that has been equipped to fulfilled purpose in a unique way. I see his medical expertise as an added advantage and an edge.

I will be consulting for Dr. Richard free of charge on how we can evolve a new concept i want to call ” Medi-tainment”: a nexus between medcine and entertainment.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Happy sunday and be purposeful

Read through the attached screenshot of Dr. Richard’s chat with me as I conclude this episode tomorrow.

‘Tunde Olatunji
Office of the Chief Whip
Osun State House of Assembly

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