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A Season Does Not Last Forever By Abimbola Abatta



Abimbola Abatta

I often mull over the kind of thoughts that flicker through the minds of parents. Do they want to go back to the days of their youths and make things right? Do they envy the youths? Were their dreams fulfilled? Are they filled with regrets? How does middle adulthood feel?

As young as I am, sometimes, I wish I could go back to a time in history to make things right. There are many things I could have done right which I failed to do. And each time I think about tomorrow, I try to live today as I should lest I am filled with regrets when tomorrow comes.

In life, a season does not last forever. I was once a child, but the season evolved into teenage years. Then, it felt as if I would never outgrow that stage. But as life would have it, I became a young adult. Again, this phase will fizzle out and become history.

One thing I realised about the different phases of life is, once a season is gone, you can’t bring it back. Many of us are filled with regrets today because of the things we failed to do. Many of us were naive back then, but now, we are much wiser. But if care is not taken, the current phase of our lives may dance into the abyss of nothingness.

Time is a priceless gift of life. Those who squander it will live to regret it. Those who utilise it will live to enjoy their decision.

Here is the deal, manage your time effectively. Don’t allow each phase to pass you by. Do not live and leave like a snake that slides on the rock with no imprint or impact. No one would decide for you. It’s yours to make.

Live each day with the consciousness that a season does not last forever. Our parents were once young. They also thought they would be young forever. In fact, some of them were compelled by life to grow faster. Someday, it will be our turn. We’ll become parents and grandparents.

How would your life turn out? To avoid the regrets of old age, employ each season for your good. If you’ve got to learn anything while you are young, don’t waste time. If you’ve got to up your skills, do so quickly.

I see many adults today, and I am engulfed in fear. I found out that many adults don’t even know their identities. The confusion which I thought is limited to youths still laces their eyelids. A look at them, and you read them like an open book. They are merely living to survive. They are far from the realm of purpose.

Dear young friends, I appeal to you this day; use your time wisely. 365 days are sufficient to achieve 365 feats. Work hard and smart while you have the strength and will. I am certain you do not want to be far from the heart of purpose when old age catches up with you.

A season may not last forever, but we can make each season count with our impactful deeds.


©Abimbola Abatta

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