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The Power Of Recommendation! By Faridat Adebayo



Some doors require someone else to open them before they will open for you. You need to align yourself with the rules that govern life because you cannot force destiny to happen.

Life becomes beautiful when God positions people around you to take you by the hand.

You cannot be a reference without a reference point. Someone should be able to tell your story.

Don’t joke with where you are now and who you are relating with; they are ladders to your next level.

Career, business and ministry thrive on referrals. You cannot introduce yourself as others would.

Understand the power of recommendation today! and harness it for professional success.

My question to you this new week is…

Aunty Shola, Who’s recommending you?

Mr Steve, What are they recommending you for?

Your greatest breakthrough in life might not come from your certificate.

Your greatest breakthrough will never fall from the sky.

Allah Blesses people through people.
Recommendations come from individuals, not from spirit!

Have a nice week! 😊

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