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[Success Digest] Be Convinced About Who You Are By Abimbola Abatta



Don’t think you are good because people say you are good. Don’t think you are bad because people say you are not good enough. Don’t judge yourself based on what people think or say. Be convinced about who you are.

I used to determine my self-worth based on people’s validation, and many of us are like that. We feel happy when people commend us, and when they criticise us, we feel downcast. We live and walk on people’s opinions. We have no personal opinion of ourselves. We act the way people want us to act because we don’t want them to condemn us.

While discussing with one of my friends, Chizi Daniels, he said something that struck my attention. He said, “Self-confidence flows from self-knowledge and self-awareness. Beyond people’s appreciation, we need to have personal knowledge of who we are and our worth.” This was right after I experienced an episode that dampened my self-confidence.

I realised that we can’t be good enough for everybody. People will always have something to say, and oftentimes, people say what we want to hear. So it is possible that the “nice” things they say about you are falsehoods.

From the discussion I had with my friend, I learnt that nothing beats self-awareness. You must be convinced about who you are. Self-awareness is the state of being conscious of your abilities. Your self-worth should stem from a personal knowledge of the fact that you are priceless.

You don’t need people’s validation to know who you are. People’s verification often projects their perception, and their perception may not resonate with you. Your potential is undeniable. Do you know why the word, “self-discovery” was coined? It is a personal journey. No one can do it on your behalf, and once you discover yourself, you don’t need people to validate your self-worth. It will come to you like a revelation. People’s opinions won’t matter anymore because you have caught a glimpse of who you are.

Self-discovery will increase your self-worth because you will begin to see yourself more clearly. Your eyes will be opened to the realities of your existence. You will understand that your worth is not hinged on people’s opinions. What matters is God’s opinion of you, and He designed you fearfully and wonderfully. Regardless of your few shortcomings, you are perfect in His sight. So, instead of viewing yourself in light of people’s impression, view yourself in light of your God-given abilities.

Be convinced about who you are. You are a reservoir of potential. The fact that you haven’t discovered your abilities doesn’t mean you have none. Embark on a journey to self-discovery, and you will get to a realm where your aim is to grow into the best version of who you are.

Happy new week!

©Abimbola F. Abatta

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eunice Adeola

    August 31, 2020 at 7:29 pm

    Without self discovery, one can’t improve.
    Yes! Some gifts in us will remain at rest until we discover ourselves.

    This is really educating. Thanks for writing

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