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Raising Giants Among Men, Making Somebody Out Of Nobody



By ‘Tunde Lekan Olatunji

One cool thing about God is that He is always available and he is never too busy.

God doesn’t turn His back on His children or servants, we are the ones who naturally turn our back on Him.

Of the truth, God is always there waiting and searching for sincere and willing hearts to make. You just go back to your maker and cut a deal with Him.

Just tell Him sincerely that:
If you prosper my ways and let me make it in life, I will never forget you. I will be a blessing to others and let the whole world know that it was you that brought me this far…

God is still in the business of raising giants among men and making somebody out of nobody and this is one of the secrets!

Have a fulfilling Wednesday!

‘Tunde Lekan Olatunji
The Chief Whip,
Osun State House of Assembly
Teacher | Economic & Financial Expert | Legislator