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Rotimi Makinde Sues For Peace, Unity Among Indigenes Of Ile-Ife



A former member of the 7th Assembly from Osun State who represented Ife Federal Constituency at the lower Chamber, Hon. Rotimi Makinde has called on the residents and indigenes of Ife to keep calm and embrace each other with love, peace and unity irrespective of their political affiliations.

Hon. Makinde in a chat with some journalists on Friday at his private residence in Ife said peaceful coexistence among the people will bring development and attract investment to the ancient city.

He added that when the residents of Ife and its environs live in unity and harmony such enviable relationship will serve as a thing of joy for the royal fathers especially the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, who is known for championing peace globally.

The former House of Representatives member equally noted that the good people of Ife should also not allow criminal elements to seize any situation to unleash mayhem or cause discord among them.

He said, “For everyone who have worked very closely with me they will attest to the fact that I place everything about Ife in highest esteem.

“It is my wish to see a peaceful and harmonious relationships among the great and principled people of Ife, both young and old.

“On no account should we allow politics or any other vices to tear us apart, the success, beauty and development of Ife should at all times be our priority and concern.

“Ile-Ife is the cradle of Yoruba culture and civilization, home of tourism and indigenous tradition, we need to deepen these virtues and values, and attract investments to our midst so that our people can be better for it socio-economically.

“It is also a fact that our royal fathers, particularly the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II who is a global Ambassador of peace will be more than happy seeing his subjects to be law-abiding and coexisting harmoniously, in fact such gesture will spur him to bless the communities with his prayers on his ancestral stool.’’

The Ife born astute politician during the interview in an emotionally laden tone stated:

“We cannot overemphasize what usually eludes any community that fails to be in oneness. Regardless of politics and any attachment to which any set of people may belong, unity and love to one another must be paramount and non negotiable.

“Social cohesion within communities and between people of different and same background must be guided for actual development to take place. Not a single person must be sidelined in the community; hate, dislike or any other elements that can make the the people to develop cold feet towards their town for which he or she was born must not be allowed. Any society who chooses to play lion-hearted role, fails to promote cordial relationship between sons and daughters does so at its own risk of chasing out its first best eleven.

“Whilst a chase is perfectly acceptable for the lions, there is a limit to how far they will pursue the prey especially if it’s such an unnecessary chase but a mere envy. It is important for anyone to keep away, run for dear life and to avoid misconceptions from all those buffalo’s sharp horns who may be hell bent to cause division or fan the ambers of discord.

“As long as the bovine can remain upright, it can’t but stands a chance to triumph. Fleeing to the stream of life after internal and discouraging adventure may appear to be a wise move as lions whom they will always wish to swim but are not always that keen on doing all which they were not born for.

“There cannot be better time than now for us as direct sons and daughters of Oduduwa to close ranks, jettison nepotism and begin to reposition the community with serious intentions to ensure we invest in right people to key into State affairs and Federal appointments, in such a way that can rekindle hope in our people. We as a people must be seen to love ourselves, respect our kingdom and above all our Highly respected monarch before we can deseve and command respect in the comity of communities.

“This idea of pull him down synology and rewriting the history of one another in the name of envy to curry favour or to take pound of flesh must stop if we truly want Ile Ife to progress and take its place of pride that it rightfully deserves. May God bless Ile-Ife and may it remain great.’’ Makinde stated.

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