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APC, PDP Trade Words Over Guber Polls In Osun



As political situation in Osun State becoming tense every day, members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have engaged in verbal war over the position of Senator Ademola Adeleke of the PDP asking the electorates not to vote for incumbent Governor Gboyega Oyetola.

Ademola Adeleke had at a function in Osogbo, the state capital said affirmatively that the incumbent governor, Gboyega Oyetola should not be re-elected by the people of the state because he betrayed his oath of office, entrenching pauperisation of the people of the state.

Adeleke urged Osun residents to reject Oyetola whom he said has failed the people.

The statement of the Ede born Politician infuriated the supporters of Governor who had since then been attacking the PDP National endorsed Guber candidate.

Reacting, the State Commissioner for Political Affairs and Inter-governmental Relations, Taiwo Akeju, described a statement as “a joke of the century.”

Akeju, who insisted that people of the state are behind Oyetola to added that Adeleke position was against the wish of the people who are determine to re-elect Oyetola for second term come july 16 this year

“Adeleke’s statement is a joke of the century. Oyetola is doing well for the people and they want him to continue. Adeleke will be defeated even in his Ede hometown,” Akeju said.

Adeleke, who spoke at the PDP secretariat in Osogbo, shortly after he unveiled an ex-chairman of Osun East Local Government Area of Osun State, Kola Adewusi, as his running mate, said the people of the state have given Oyetola ‘a red card.’

Speaking in Yoruba language, Adeleke said, “Osun people should come out and vote for me during the poll. It is clear Oyetola and his party are afraid of contesting against me.

“They should not be afraid yet. They should wait till election day. They will see the people of the state have given Oyetola a red card. By the grace of God, I will be announced as the winner of the contest.”

However, the APC Directorate of Publicity, Research and Strategy in a statement signed by its Director, Kunle Oyatomi tacked Adeleke saying governance beyond the issue of dancing and singing. He added that Senator Adeleke would’ve been okay as Actor’ than being a politician.

Oyatomi said: “What is “normalisation of poverty”, Osun APC asked? But, the people are wiser and they have seen what Oyetola led government has done, is doing and will do in the years ahead”. No one, no matter how wealthy can fool people of Osun, adding that the PDP will definitely meet its waterloo in the July 16 gubernatorial election.

He challenged Adeleke to engage himself in a research work in all nooks and crannies of Osun on developmental projects and programmes being executed by Gov. Oyetola in the last 40 months he has been in the office, and enjoined him to start from his home town, Ede, and tell the whole world how Edeland has immensely benefited from Oyetola’s projects.

“For God’s sake, we don’t know who is pushing Ademola to be governor of the state of Osun. He has neither the understanding, nor the quality of a governor in a state like Osun. he could have done better as an entertainer in the Nollywood, afterall that’s what he wanted to be”.

“We have said it sometime ago that by the time Governor Oyetola spent 2 years in office, people of Osun, including the opposition members would literally beg him to continue in office after his first term. So , the people would rather be glad to have Oyetola than Ademola in Abere.

Oyetola said, what PDP has made of itself in Osun is not only a shame to democratic politics in Nigeria, it also enjoined the entire citizens of the state not to put their trust and the future in the hands of selfish politicians, adding that Ademola is not worthy of being in charge of government, because he has nothing to offer the people of the state.

“Osun citizenry know better than Ademola thinks and they will surprise him again in the July 16 gubernatorial election with a very painful defeat which his dancing skill cannot stop”, Oyatomi concluded.

Meanwhile, the PDP Publicity Secretary
while reacting to a comments by the Osun state Commissioner for Inter-governmental affairs Hon. Taiwo Akeju said the Governor had in the last three years pursued a policy that weaponised poverty, thrives on deceit and further enslavement of the people of Osun.

“Osun people recognise the fraudulent posture of the Governor as evidenced in his covering up the looting of the State under his watch as Chief of Staff. Under dubious loans and projects, almost two trillion naira of Osun fund were mismanaged. In the last three years, Oyetola had covered up the mess because he was Chief of Staff throughout the period.

”As if that is not enough, the Governor is busy planting Lagos practices of using consultants to siphon the State resources. He not only continues the Osun version of alpha beta but continue to hide the full extent of state debt as well as cost of servicing those debts. Osun people wants transparency which only PDP can guarantee”, the Publicity Secretary stated.

”Let me assure Mr Akeju who is protecting his job that Osun people have issued red card to Oyetola. From Ijesha land to the source to West and central districts , the game is up. Ademola Adeleke is the Governor in waiting by the special grace of God”, the Publicity Secretary concluded.