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Anyone Always Prophesying Evil Is Not A Prophet, But Bush Man – Ibiyeomie



Founder, Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie on Sunday said anyone always prophesying and talking about evil is not a prophet but a bush man.

Ibiyeomie, in a sermon, said prophecies are from two sources: the Word of God and those whom he called the mouthpiece of God, the Prophet of God.

“I don’t mean somebody with a rastafarian hair, I am talking about the man sent by God who is a mouthpiece of God.

“Prophets, when they declare, they turn evil counsel to good. You’re not a Prophet if everything you talk about is evil, that is not a prophet, a prophet is one that when he sees evil, he declares it and God turns it too good.

“I have to say that because in our society we believe that a prophet is someone that tells you that you will die, he tells you evil will happen, that is not a prophet, that is a bush man. A prophet is someone who talks God’s word, even if you’re to die, he commands death to turn,” he said.

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Ibiyeomie said in the New Testament “we don’t talk about evil, we only talk about the Word. If you hear me say that there is somebody here, his eyes are blind then his eyes will open.

“I will not tell you that you’re blind because somebody in your village has made you blind, that is not a prophet. If you hear me say there is somebody here, already God has done it.”

Ibiyeomie added that the fact that “God told you that you will be a Governor does not mean you will go and sleep. No contention, no possession.

“You must contend in the battle before you can possess your possession, prophecies will not be fulfilled without you taking responsibility and praise is a major spiritual weapon we engage for delivery of God’s plan.”

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