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Unemployment: HIDAYAH Entrepreneur Organizes Seminar In Osun, Tasks Youths To Embrace 21ST Century Innovative Businesses



As Nigerian graduates wallows unemployment, the forth empowerment programme of HIDAYAH Entrepreneurship Seminar was held yesterday at SOB Conference and Event Centre, Ring road, Osogbo, with the theme: INNOVATIVE BUSINESSES IN THE 21ST CENTURY, the seminar was borne out to help Osun youths to drive their own business and to become self reliant.

The Head Admin HIDAYAT Entrepreneur, Dr. Abdusalam Akanji Tawakalitu, Speaking on the success recorded so far, “our first major event took place in Qatar, we then moved to Lagos for second edition before we proceeded to Uganda, we’re here in Osun for exhibition, business networking, empowerment of young people for business start ups. Our vision has to do with impacting lives and building entrepreneurs across the globe and sensitize young people on legit business.

Mr. Kola Idowu, the Executive Director Kimpact Development Initiative, on his part, spoke on how to build a sustainable business in the 21st century, he encouraged entrepreneurs to understand the dynamics and peculiarity of business evolution, he posited that application of 19th, 20th century business strategy in 21st century environment has become a total discourage for entrepreneurs, there’s no way we can use yesterday’s formula to solve today’s equation and remain in the business tomorrow, he said.

In his remarks, he stated that, It’s important to note that this generation are impatient generation that wants instant result, meanwhile, human nature is totally different, reason why most businesses affected during the lockdown were businesses that have not recognized that the world has changed, henceforth, there’s need to have respect for time of production and delivery to remain in the business.

Professor Kehinde Olusegun, FSC President, Governing Council said, youths today need to get exposed and pay attention to what’s profitable for their lives, he noted that.

many people complained that there’s no job in the country, the question is that what skill do the have, he tasked Osun youths to embrace skills acquisition, for the era of cave age can no longer work as a result of technological advancement.

The Admin Manager, CIBN, Osun Business Start-up Expert and Public Affairs analyst, Dr. Yinka Anjous, highlighted the cog in the wheal of most younger generation, referencing to Henri Philippe Pétain, who posited that, “Our spirit of enjoyment was stronger than our spirit of sacrifice, we wanted to have more than we wanted to give. We tried to spare effort, and met disaster. ”

In the beginning, there was Entrepreneurship, it’s unavoidable in order to succeed in life, if we’re not creating anything, we’re not living, we’re behind existing, our forefathers had their names been mentioned along with their respective profession or professions, this generation must not run away from creativity, he said.

Mrs. Oyedeji Monsurat, CEO and Creative Director. Lade Nigeria, also delivered a goodwill speech and adviced Osun youths not to wait till government provide jobs before they engage themselves.

Dr. Abdusalam Akanji Tawakalitu, in a brief interview, encouraged Osun youths to involve in legit business or businesses that gives credibility and shun cybercrime, she revealed that her next seminar will be taken down to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, to continue on the mission of salvaging Nigerians from colony of unemployment.

Amid experienced business guru’s that present at the programme are; Okanlawon Science Academy, Osogbo, who basked in the euphoria of the life changing event and opportunity to widen their scopes at tender age, participants outskectch Osun entertained the event with barrages of questions and all are been treated accordingly, followed by presentation of award to the awardees.

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