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An Open Letter To Gov Ademola Adeleke By Wale Jimoh Atobatele



Your Excellency,

Mr Governor Sir,

Let me first and foremost congratulate you on your recent affirmation by the Supreme Court of Nigeria as the duly elected governor of Osun State.

Your Excellency, this is well deserved and it is marvellous in the hearts of all your teeming lovers and admirers in Osun state and in particular,the peace loving people of Obaagun land in Ifelodun local government area of Osun state.

Your Excellency, for the benefit of hindsight, since the 27th of November,2022 when you took over the management of both human and material resources of Osun State as the 6th democratically elected governor , it gladdens my matter just like any other Obaagun indigene at home and diaspora that you have been living up to the good expectations in all schemes to such an extent that you have proven your opponents and other doubting Thomases wrong with your superlative performance.

No wonder during one of your several official engagements, you once described your humble self
as truly *the governor of the people ,by the people, and for the people of Osun state.*

Sincerely speaking , Your Excellency, citizens, and non citizens of Osun State can openly testify to the good works you have put and still being put in place in different parts of Osun state .

Your Excellency, Sir, at this juncture ,let me,with sadness of heart and disillusion, but with all sense of concern,draw your attention to the pathetic plight of the people of Obaagun Community in Ifelodun local government of Osun state.

Quite,serene, and peaceful by whatever yardstick, Obaagun is unarguably one of the historical ancient communities in Osun state whose history of existence dates back to several decades.
With all sense of modesty, let me emphasize that the
contributions of this ancient community to the socio-economic developments of Osun state can not be waved aside .

However, a visit to Obaagun today reveals a community that is in an abject state of neglect and degradation.
To put it mildly but succinctly,the entire community is totally short of what one can call government attention, especially in the area of road infrastructure.
Sir, It is so bad and shocking to hear and know that the only time/ period that the community had the impact of government attention was during the good old days of the late Cicero of Esa Oke,uncle Bola Ige as the governor of the old Oyo state who constructed the present main road linking other roads in the town, now abysmally moribund and completely comatose.

In other words,after the days of the late Uncle Bola Ige administration,
successive governments after the creation of Osun state in 1991 only paid lip service to the development of Obaagun. It has been that bad and perturbing beyond redemption if one may simply put it that way.
Records are there to show that the erstwhile administrations in Osun state have all turned Obaagun to a no-go area when it comes to giving it the needed facelift, specifically on the area of road construction or rehabilitation.

Mr Governor Sir, I am constrained therefore to write this open letter to you specifically to draw your attention to this age long plights and miasma .

Your Excellency, it will similarly interest you to know that while several roads in the various communities in Ifelodun local government area since 1999 when democracy reared its beautiful face back to Nigeria’s political firmament,the peace loving Obaagun community is still in a state of want and degradation.

Mr Governor Sir, it is against this backdrop that, as one of the biological indigenes of Obaagun, I am humbly but passionately appealing to you and your person to use your good office as the Chief Executive Officer of Osun to come to the immediate aid of the people of Obaagun,who,for the past 30 years are yet to see , feel or enjoy the much sought dividends of democracy on road rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Mr Governor Sir, the attendant hardships associated with this long years of abandonment of Obaagun land and its people can only be narrated than experienced.
In Obaagun land, we are having it smooth. It is damningly unpleasant and gory .
We have been reduced to strangers in our own state .

However,as a performing governor who has been performing wonders in the last four wonderful months of your attainment of power and authority in Osun state, Mr Governor, I have no doubt that same wonders which have been extended to other cities,towns and villages in Osun state , will become the lot of the people of Obaagun, who,not only love and believe in you but voted for you massively during the last July 16,2022
Guber election in Osun.

Sir, if you could extend such democratic windfalls of democracy to others, without fear or favour, illwill or affection, I am equally quite convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that it is the turn of Obaagun to receive and enjoy the dividends of the shining light of *Imolecracy Government* of your administration which is anchored on government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Your Excellency Sir, posterity will never in a hurry forget you if you can put our roads in order in Obaagun land.
This is a way by which you can right the many wrongs being unleashed on the people due largely to the great many neglects which this beautiful community and its peace loving people are helplessly contending with like a plague for almost forty years now .

Your Excellency, on behalf of Obaaguns at home and diaspora, accept my kindest assurances of love, support, and solidarity to your administration.

Long live Obaagun land

Long live Osun state

Yours faithfully,

Wale Jimoh Atobatele , PhD.

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