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Osun LG: Imposition Kills A Seamless Process, Let’s Bilaterally Take A Step Ahead Imposition



By Kolade Omo ogboye

Over the years,the progressives party in Osun State remains a focal block that has unambiguously attracted monumental development in every facet to the state.

Evidently and historically,Osun State has since her creation about three decades ago had produced five democratically elected governors in its helms of affairs of which the progressives party through mind-blowing and universally outstanding performance has brought the state on the verge of development and growth like never before. This was able to be so because of visionary and foresight leaders produced by the progressives

Numerically speaking, out of these five executive governors which the state had given birth to, progressives party had four with track records of meritorious services.

The writer,of this piece painstakingly looked at many results oriented variables that had overtimes given the progressives party edge over its major rival in Osun State.

First, APC is a party that pays premium to internal discipline no matter the magnitude of temperature or atmosphere as the case may be.

Another silent focus which progressives would never jettison is intellectual capacity and leadership ability as well as other related public requirements of any of its candidates.

The theories that’s synonymous with progressives party is APC’s composition, coordination and ability to design an efficient and result oriented mechanism aimed at solving crises afar.

APC is a party that traditionally used to see its leaders as sacred as one can think. Invariably, its leaders are proverbial semi god unlike Nigeria leading opposition party.

Unfortunately,in recent times, these are no longer the case as many revered leaders have been seen putting on the garment of Imposition which is far from the norm and idea of the progressives.

Findings conducted has evidently established that the harms of Imposing candidates as been done is far beyond the good.

There’s no better time than now for the progressives leadership at all levels to shun and stop fielding candidates that the voters do not want, this is the only methodical and realistic approach to get a seamless support from the electorate in any forthcoming elections.

It is also of immense paramount that leadership of our beloved and great party should as matter of salvaging our party to close the ranks and decimate the principles of winners take all because a tree can’t form a Forrest. Politics is a game of numbers meaning that all hands must collectively be on desk.

Having said these,it is incumbent on members of APC in Ila local government to design a mechanism that would dislodge the tentacles of the opposition PDP in Ila. Just because the local government had a bad outing in the just concluded gubernatorial election and this is a community which remains the stronghold of APC.

Necessary respect should be accorded our fathers the former governor of the state Chief Abdulkareem Adebisi Akande and many other leaders too numerous to mention.

Let’s avert and prevent needless Imposition of candidates especially for the October 15 Local government election. It is high time to toe a path of honour and ensure people’s will prevail by putting forward their choice candidates.

Kolade Omo Ogboye Writes on behalf of Ila progressives concern citizens