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OSOGBO: Enough Of Second Fiddle By Muhyideen Ibrahim




“…baa ba ba’yi je mo sorry fun gbogbo yin (wa) o
mo sorry fun gbogbo yin (wa) lokokan-Lagbaja (from the track suuru lere)

How naïve can some of us be? Ta lo fi owo osi ju’we ile baba re ti won o pa;tan buruku fun ri? Why are we allowing ourselves to be led by the nose in Osogbo by some people who have
personal fights with our own son?

Let’s even think about it, let us leave sentiments aside, who benefits if Surajudeen Ajibola
Basiru is not returned to Senate? As Osogbo indigenes, where does his losing the seat to an Ila person takes us? Have we even bothered to askourselves what Surajudeen did to incur the hatred of a very minuscule few that have arrogated the power of “Osun Osogbo” to themselves? On whose behalf are they campaigning against the return of SRJ to the Senate?

Are they speaking the Osogbo voice or they are advancing and fighting their selfish causes? Hmmm, oruko Osogbo ni won ma fi n’ba Ajibola Basiru ja? A si fu’ra? Mo sorry fun gbogbo
wa lokookan o.

I will not bore you with details of Basiru’s achievements in just three years of his being sworn in as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What I want you to imagine is the absence of his interventions in Osogbo.

E shock you abi? Exactly, that is just a fraction of the shock we are a going to feel when we allow some damaged and deranged elements in our midst to goad us into jettisoning our own and bringing a stranger in.

E ti’e duro na, idun’nu omo Osogbo ni ki won gba aga Sineto mowa lo’wo? A ni Gomina lati Osogbo; a ni Igbakeji Gomina lati Osogbo, sugbon a ni okansoso OGA ni Abuja sugbon n’tori ilara awon alaimokan kookan, a fe ja ara wa ku’le ni Osogbo…ewu n’be loko Longe o!

I watched a video clip, where someone who I won’t dignify by mentioning his name, while
addressing a motley assemblage of equally discontented zealots like him stated that SRJ truncated a contract that was given to him by the Osun State Government. How possible is
that? Are we being taken for morons in Osogbo a City built on knowledge and noted for rational thinking? You were given a contract and a Commissioner in the State took away the contract because he did not like your face, how ridiculous? And his “co-debaters”, most of whom are as empty and as vile as the “self-styled contractor” were prodding him on…iru iro
ni iborun?

A contract was “legally” entered into with the State Government and you have invested and committed over 50% of your resources into it but it was “cancelled”, just like that, by the source of your worst nightmares and you did not put up any fight, then everything is wrong with you!! Tell us what you did that warranted the cancellation, show us the document(s) from the government informing you of the termination, the reason for your failure must be stated therein. As enlightened as he claimed he is, he did not even take it up through his Lawyer. Boya ni buoda na ranti pe atubotan alabosi ki da.

This is one out of the many vile vituperations of this ignoble omo osogbo t’o pe ara e ni
oloselu t’o lo ko’le si ilu odikeji. Well, awon eyan ti n’so pe eyin agbo ni esu n’gbe, oro na fe
jo be. But, for now, am leaving his issue, a non-issue anyway, let posterity take care of him.

Now, back to all of us, the rational and forward looking Osogbo indigenes, please let us all put on our thinking caps lest we allow emotions to taint our reasoning k’a ma lo fi owo ara wa ta ara wa da’nu. May it never be said that it is in our generation that we cut off our noses to
spite our faces on account of a few malcontents who want to be dictating to SRJ what he
should do, who he should do it for, who he should associate with and who he should not. E
ti’e gbo na, sebi won ni omo eni ki se’di bebere…


Muhyideen Ibrahim
Osogbo Collectives