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Osun 2022: Ogunbiyi And His Politics Of Godliness By Ibraheem Alli



Dr Akin Ogunbiyi

I love writing. This day, I read less but write more. It’s because the happenings in the environment are always worthy of note. I note and report to serve as lesson. It always interest me calling people’s attention to those occurrences so that the mistake of today will not repeat itself. One of those interest is politics, for, we are in its season.

Shortly after the Osun State PDP Guber primary in 2018, I visited Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi. He narrated how he was seemingly robbed of the ticket in an open circumstance. He was not too touched as he repeatedly said”It’s God. And God time is the best”. He told me of how people of no conscience tried to lure him in committing crimes against humanity all in the name of serving the good people of Osun State. Should I tell of the blood suckers who care not of sacrificing human for ephemeral position? Ogunbiyi, whom I know to be a God fearing pastor, bluntly rejected those questionable means of obtaining power. He resigned himself to fate and promised to make another trial.

When another season comes, I studied his committment to the struggle with doubled gears. I thought this must be right time and Ogunbiyi must be ready to ride by all means. I supported his aspiration with every of my little resources. As a pen pusher, I push frequently on media to project his untainted image, academic qualifications and mental credentials. Sometimes, I paid promoters to sell the sellable Ogunbiyi. He has been celebrated abroad, he should be rewarded at home with opportunity to turn things around positively, my thought. For the reasonable that appreciate quality, he is the best. But disappointedly, Nigeria system is designed to sacrifice competency for mediocrity.

Yesterday, at noon, while I was writing a congratulatory epistle ahead of PDP Guber primary scheduled to hold today, Tuesday 8th February,2022, a breaking news announcing voluntary withdrawal of Ogunbiyi from the intra party contest dropped in my inbox. Then, I started receiving calls from Idera De admirers. Immediately, I picked my phone to enquire on why and how? I was baffled. In the process, I mistakenly locked my car key and browsing phone inside the car. I took my time, made a call with my other phone. It was established from the horse’s mouth, Ogunbiyi, that the pre-primary processes are questionable and safety of his supporters is not guaranteed. He said many things that cannot be exposed here. I thought he would think twice and borrow a spoon a long spoon to eat with devil. But he said no.

Again, I asked myself, is Ogunbiyi still playing politics of Godliness? Is he still fighting lions with bare hands? Is he still reading and trusting his Bible verses? Is he still considering the last day? If yes, I doubt if politics is for his type. They preach in Church not in politics. Godliness is and politics are parallel lines.

As for my input, I never regret. Ogunbiyi is a father with unblemish image. He is a pride of Ileogbo and a successful business man by all standard. He didnt rise with politics and can never be drown in politics. And I conclude by this, my failure in right direction is honourable and stronger than my strength in success at wrong direction. Ride on daddy, God will reward your Godliness.

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