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Buhari Vs Oyetola: Semblance Of Nepotism, Incompetence By Segun Ojo



Gov Gboyega Oyetola and President Muhammad Buhari

Assessing the two political figures, one will not agree of any semblance between the Nigerian President, General Muhammadu Buhari and the incumbent Governor of Osun State, Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola.

While the former is of Fulani extraction from Kastina in Northern Nigeria and a soldier by training despite his missing credentials, lanky with gap tooth, the latter is of Yoruba tribe from the sleepy community of IRAGBIJi, in Osun State, Southwest Nigeria.

Unlike the former, he is a financial expert with bias in Actuarial Science and verifiable credentials from the State of virtues down to the State of Aquatic Splendor, short and round with shining tribal marks, yes, shining.

However, the duo have a semblance of thoughts and mentality of governance and public administration that appear retrogressive on the scale of equity, rationality and natural justice.

While General Buhari threw competence and patriotism to the dustbin and flooded all the heads of security agencies in Nigeria with people of his region, in every four appointment in Osun State under Governor Oyetola, one must be an IRAGBIJI man or woman without recourse to requisite capacity and mental functionality.

While Buhari appears to have lost control of the security architecture of the nation and allowed criminals to hold the country in it’s jugular with daily reports of killings and maiming of innocent citizens by terrorists and bandits alike, Oyetola appears confused and clueless on the way to go in protecting the lives and property of Osun citizens, as the state is presently under the siege of cultists and bandits.

While General Buhari had the late Abbah Kyari, his former Chief of Staff as the driver of his administration, who colonized every power and influence in the presidency and constituted himself to a god-in -villa before his sudden death, Governor Oyetola has exact character in Dr Charles Akinola.

While General Buhari has Yusuf, a bike racer, Governor Oyetola has Femi, a night crawler.

While General Buhari is being surrounded by sycophants and liars, Governor Oyetola is being surrounded by misfits and impostors.

Conversely, General Buhari has taste for Tuwo and luru soup with standby toothpick for final delivery, while Governor Oyetola has taste for Amala and Ewedu soup with chilled liquid of good quality.

Segun Ojo is a public commentator, political analyst. He writes from Ilesa, Osun State.

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