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I Don’t Trust Politicians But I Trust Oyetola-Oluwo



Aside from the unfriendly economic quagmire militating against government’s productivity and the peculiarity of Osun as a consuming state, the Governor of Osun State, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, has beat the imagination of all and sundry through deliverance of quality governance.

Personally, my knowledge of most politicians has placed a boundary to trusting them but Governor Gboyega Oyetola has restored the trust. I was hoping to see a crawling state when he assumed office but interestingly, he is up and doing affecting and effecting policies that cater for all categories of populace. Oyetola creditably instituted template for virile leadership for other leaders to copy. During his electioneering campaigns, he made many doubtful promises of which are almost impossible in a trying economic environment. Incredibly, he is fulfilling them such that I wonder where he garners such resources. I don’t trust politicians but I trust Oyetola because he beats my imagination.

He is leader whose scorecards are marked with merits in all facets.

I’ve strong conviction he will be rewarded accordingly.

The governor recently confided in me to re-mobilize contractor back to Iwo-Osogbo road at both edges.

Many, including me cultivated doubt on the management of the state economy, for Governor Oyetola came at a time when the country’s economy was not friendly with anyone. Paying salary was hectic for every state in the country but Oyetola, and for Osun being a less economy state, took the bull by the horn, fulfilling full settlement of civil servants monthly salary. This feat is exceptional and expected at a trying critical trying time invited to the nation by economic recession.

Physical projects are not left out. He manages the state to the admiration of all and sundry. I wonders how monthly salary could be paid promptly and equally embark on physical projects. The three senatorial districts are aggressively touched in his government’s massive road rehabilitations. He has promised to mobilize contractor back to Iwo-Osogbo road. With assurance to commence at the two edges. Ede , Awo, Ejigbo and thrr ongoing Iwo-Osogbo road are testimonies from Osun West.

Equally, general hospitals and primary health centers are getting facelift. The hospitals, apart from renovation to meet modern standard, they were well equipped such that the rich are convinced to visit for medical attention. The integrity of the hospitals are ensured through proper monitoring and supervision.

Security wise, Governor Gboyega Oyetola is excellently doing great to protect the residents of the state. No doubt, his security score card makes Osun the safest state in the Geo political zone. He provides needed assistance to the Nigerian Police Force and other security outfits. He recently launched and strengthened Amotekun to taste with modernized machineries. This is a commendable plus that has strengthened Osun to be business friendly most especially at this fragile surge of insecurity and banditry.

Just few months ago , the governor presented 13 new luxury jeeps to judges to aid their performance. He has miraculous zeal..

If what defines continuity is merit, Oyetola deserves it.


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