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Rauf Aregbesola At 65: A Compassionate Leader Worthy Of Celebration By Adeboye Adebayo



During the Ministerial screening of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola in 2019 at the red chamber, the senator representing Adamawa North at the current 9th national assembly, Senator Ishaku Elisa Abbo described Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola as a compassionate leader who assisted him to run his local election in far away Adamawa State without having connection or expecting any reward back from him.

In his comment Ogbeni said those traits of displaying high level of compassion is one of the great lessons he learnt from his leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The then Ministerial nominee could not even recall the time he compassionately assisted the distinguished senator apparently because there are so many compassions that Aregbesola has been displaying in the course of his actions in life.

If Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola can learn such lesson from Bola Tinubu, the question will be how many other followers of Tinubu is compassionate like him in the course of their sojourn in life? It means compassion is originally in Aregbesola’s life. How many of Aregbesola’s followers are compassionate like him, how many of his followers learnt the lesson of compassion the way he learnt it from Bola Tinubu? It means compassion is a very strong characteristic of a worthy leader.

Many variants of Covid 19 have ravaged the world, Ukraine is at war with Russia, China is currently on a trade mission war again United States, the West is struggling on the economic potentialities of Africa, some countries of the Middle East are waging immorality war against African ladies by abusing them physically & and sexually. The world is in crisis, economies are unwinding; jobs are disappearing and our spirit is being tested. In light of this, it’s imperative for leaders to demonstrate compassion.

I was severely sick early last year, my able Doctor Opakunle diagnosed spasm, a term I have never heard of in my life, my able doctor assured me of seamless treatment with some caution and precautions, I was admitted in the hospital for long, huge bill was involved. My friend Sola was there for me, my business team which their names should not be mentioned here because they will not like it came to my rescue, stood by me alongside my family, I am indebted to all of them for life. I left the hospital after sometimes to recuperate at home, the worst was over. There was an urgent need at home to foot some bills, domestic maintenance and continuation of my treatment.

It was imperative I needed to talk to somebody, a serving Senator from Osun came to my mind. I had passionately worked for his election in 2019, he was grateful and promised heaven & earth. I had asked him for an assistance on a business transaction at a time which he declined, the business is within the purview of a Senate Committee where he is a member. I had told him to introduce me to a Committee Chairman but he said there is no need, since he is a member of the committee himself, with him I can achieve what I wanted to achieve, but he disappointed me in the long run. I put a call across to his friend for the best approach on my needs, the friend asked me to put my request in writing which I reluctantly did, I took pain of my health to submit the letter in his constituency office at Ogo-Oluwa area of Osogbo and sent acknowledgement to him and the senator on WhatsApp. I also dropped the copy of the letter at the Senator’s house in Osogbo, I also sent text messages to his direct line intimating him of my humble request. After few weeks, no word from the Senator despite the huge efforts and assurance from his friend. The Senator’s friend indeed tried his best in supporting me and put good efforts for the Senator to heed but all na lie. It dawn on me that this man will not do anything, my mind told me I was fetching water with a basket when I have a golden big bowl.

Without prior notice, I put an electronic mail to a compassionate leader, Rauf Aregbesola on a Wednesday which used to be the Federal Executive Council meeting, there is always a lot of load on federal ministers on Wednesdays because of the meeting and by Friday, without asking questions or replying my mail, I woke up Friday’s morning, switching on my phone to a credit alert from Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, a gesture I can never forget.

Leadership is not just some empty formulas but establishing deep connection at soul levels through service, integrity, passion, perseverance and equanimity to your followers, aides, workers, team and associate.

Compassionate leaders know their stakeholders and address their concerns, their hopes, dreams and fears.

Compassionate leaders honor the complexity of human relationships, nurture authenticity and create common grounds for blooming great ideas of individuals. At the different stages of recognition, reflection, and redress, practicing compassion provides potentially world-saving opportunities which otherwise likely would not exist.

A compassionate leader always feel motivated to bring happiness and relieve the suffering of followers, admirers & well wishers. Compassion is the quality of having positive intentions and real concern for others. Compassion in leadership creates stronger connections between people.

Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is indeed a compassionate Leader.

Your Honour, as you celebrate your noble birthday today, it is my prayer, wish and hope that God in his mercy will continue to grant more fruitful life in good health & sound mind to you. May the level of compassion in you continue to rise for man to continue enjoying your God given humanities.

Lastly & strongly, I pray God in his infinite mercy to use this period of your noble birthday to settle the political crisis ravaging the Yoruba nation no matter the physical involvements and spiritual connections as togetherness can only make us stronger.

Many Happy Returns!!!

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