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Encourage Your Children To Memorize Our’an, Muslim Parents Charged



Six Qur'an memorizers

—As Faozul Azeen Islamiyyah, Osogbo Holds Its 1st Hafla

—17-yr-Old Abdulganiyy, Five Others Memorise Qur’an

Sheik Dhikrulah Shafi’i, Grand Mufti , Conference of Islamic Organization (CIO) has charged Muslim parents on the need to always encourage their children to memorize Qur’an and embody the character that it calls to.

Shafi’i gave the charge during 1st Hafla(Graduation Ceremony) Complete Memorisation of Qur’an and Shahadatul-i-dadiyyah of Faozul Azeen Islamiyyah Arabic &Qur’an Memorisation, Osogbo, Osun State capital.

According to the Shiek Shafi’i, one of the greatest things a parent can do for the welfare of their children’s lives, in this world and the next, is to encourage and help them in every way possible to memorize Qur’an and embody the character that it calls to.

He said there is nothing more pleasing to the parent’s eyes than to see their children being raised upon the obedience of Allah, the Most High.

Sheik Dhikrulah Shafi’i, Grand Mufti , Conference of Islamic Organization (CIO)

The Grand Mufti, Conference of Islamic Organization (CIO) said though, raising children in this way demands great effort, however, parents should see it as important, upbringing their children in the way of Islam so as to be useful for their in this world and thereafter.

He said: This will not only benefit the child, but also the caring parents who played a great role in their child’s success, by Allah’s grace and favor. It suffices us to quote our beloved Prophet’s glad tiding regarding this.

He said “The parents of the one who memorized the Qur’an and acted upon it will be adorned on the Day of Judgment with a crown which glows with a light stronger than the sun’s light glowing in the homes of this world. So what do you think will happen to the actual person who acts upon it?

He also stated, “When a person dies, all of his actions come to an end except for three: an ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, and a righteous child who supplicates for him.”

In his welcome address, the Chief host, Alhaji AbdulGaniyy Shittu, Imam, Salahudeen Oladejo Memorial Mosque, Osogbo enjoined parents to exert as much effort as possible to attain eternal happiness for themselves as their children by helping them accomplish the great honor of memorizing the glorious Qur’an.

Shittu, who was very excited by the performances of the granduants said if a child is raised in a Qur’anic environment and realizes the great blessing of Allah upon him and how much effort, care, sincerity, love, and hard work his parents exerted in teaching him the Qur’an, he will be thankful and appreciative, by Allah’s permission.

Added that he will be grateful, first and foremost, to his Creator and then to his parents.

One of the Qur’an memorizers, Abudulah Abdulganiyy appreciated their parents for directing their ways to the way of God.

He said, though, it has not been an easy task but, with the support of their parents they thanked God they were able to accomplish their aims.

Explaining numerous benefits of Qur’an Memorisation, the 17-year-old Abdulganiyy said whoever memories Quran and Hadith, as long as he lives, he will always remember their favor upon him and the great good they gave him. Hence, he will never tire from supplicating, with the supplication that the Qur’an has taught him.

He, however, on behalf of his colleagues appreciated their parents for what they have done for them in terms of encouragement and financial support in making sure they attain the feat.

He said: I want appreciate our parents for encouraging us and giving us necessary support to attain to this feat.

“Everyone agrees that providing the necessities of life for one’s child is a parental obligation. All parents try to fulfill this responsibility, whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim, righteous or evil.

“However, parents who provide their children with the means of protecting their religion, the greatest of these means being the memorization of the Qur’an, are only a special group whom Allah has chosen. May Almighty Allah reward them abundantly.

At the event which was graciously attended by impressive number of Islamic scholars, six students were graduated with awards on Qur’an Memorisation.

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