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Stop Maligning Ataoja – Monarch’s Queen Cautions Over Mischievous Social Media Posts



‘—SRJ Was Never Locked Out Of The Palace’

One of the queens of the Ataoja of Osogboland, Oba Jimoh Oyetunji Olanipekun, Larooye II, Olori Adedoyin Oyetunji, has cautioned mischievous indigenes and non-indigenes of Osogbo, to stop maligning the personality of the Ataoja of Osogbo, over perceived political interests.

This is as she also warned the political mischief makers against causing ripples that could heat up the polity, and possibly disrupt the continued peace in the land, while clearing the air that the Senator representing Osun Central Senatorial District, Dr. Ajibola Basiru, was never locked out of the palace.

Olori Adedoyin Oyetunji made the revelation in a viral WhatsApp voice note on Tuesday, stressing that the social media posts alleging that the Ataoja locked the Senator and his team out of the palace, during a solidarity march for Basiru’s second term bid, last week.

Explaining that the monarch was at the time of the rally on his way to Abuja for an engagement, the Queen stressed further that the Senator as seen in the trending photo was only paying an homage to a revered Chief in the town, while his team passed through the palace.

According to her, ‘On November 1 when the initial walk-to-live held, the youths and the Senator did not meet the king at the palace, rather, the king and his Oloris were as at the time at Isale Osun area, when the king was on his way out of town to Ibadan airport en-route Abuja. That was the same period SRJ and the Youths got around the palace. The king and his queens were nowhere near the king’s abode.”

Noting that it is the right of every individual to have preference and support any candidate running for political office, Olori Adedoyin urged everyone to avoid fomenting trouble or through the social media to bring up issues that could further embarrass and demean the royal stool of Osogbo land.

“No matter who comes, the Kabiyesi will not at anytime lock his door against anyone. SRJ has the right to come to the palace, he is a native of Osogbo, a son of Ataoja, and is free to come to the palace, just like any other person, the same way, anybody has the right to come to the palace. Content creators need to be warned. They should fan the embers of discord and disunity in Osogboland. The Ataoja is a father to all and will continue to play his role as a father to all parties.

“It is normal for someone who is leading a campaign rally to acknowledge cheers from people. On sighting the chief who was close to the gate at the White House section of the palace, he went there to pay homage. It is normal for everyone to do that. The said gate is mostly under lock and key. It is rather unfortunate that the enemies of the progress of Osogbo are doing this to further cause a sharp division in the town.

“We want to advise these elements to play politics with maturity and stop bringing SRJ and the Ataoja into a face off with each other as the Senator respects traditional institutions and pays homage to them and particularly his father, the Ataoja of Osogboland.

“What is our problem in Osogboland, we want the land to progress, yet there are some people agitating to pull us down with mischievous write-ups? Please stop dragging the royal throne in the mud, enough of dragging the Ataoja in the mud,” Queen Adedoyin concluded.

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