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We Have Never Delayed Our Students For NYSC-Ospoly Management



Debunks Report On Alleged Charges Of N20,000 For Verifications Of Certificates

Management of Osun State State Polytechnic Iree has said that it has never delayed any Higher National Diploma (HND) graduate of the Institution from going for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) as at when due.

The Management in a release signed by the Media Relations Officer of the Institution, Mr Tope Abiola said contrary to a publication in some online media that ” the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree charges a sum of Twenty Thousand Naira for Verifications of National Diplomates of other Institutions who had come for Higher National Diploma programmes in the Institution, Abiola said that a sum
of Five Thousand Naira only approved by the appropriate authorities of the Osun State Government is charged by management of the Institution as against the erroneous allegation by some students in the publications.

According to him, “we don’t charge Twenty Thousand Naira for Verifications. The statutory amount of money charged by the Institution is a sum of Five Thousand Naira (N5000) only. This is approved by the State Government and it is in the Budget of the Osun State Government approved by the State House of Assembly.”

Speaking on the alleged delay of Higher National Diplomates of the Polytechnic after graduation to go for the NYSC scheme, the Institution’s Media Relations Officer, maintained that ” it is a normal thing to verify the authenticity of certificates and transcripts submitted to the polytechnic for the HND Admission. This is done in all credible Institutions in the country, ours can not be an exemption, majority of our students who graduated in December 2021 have gone for their NYSC programmes. Such graduands included those who did their National Diplomas in other Institutions, but submitted their necessary data to our management and cleared by their respective schools in the course of the verification exercise. Others who have not been cleared should be patient as we are constantly in touch with the sister Institutions to get them cleared’

Abiola however lamented that some of the students who claimed to have completed their National Diplomas in other polytechnics do not normally submit necessary data in the course of their registration to enable the management proceed for the verification, while the token amount of the fee meant for the exercise is usually delayed by the students”

In another development, Abiola said “most of the sister Institutions do not respond promptly to the request for the verifications, “that is why we always urge the students to do the necessary things as early as possible in their first year of admission into the school”, Abiola claimed.

The Institution’s spokesperson maintained that ”It is a normal thing for management to verify the authenticity of the studentship and graduation from the former institutions.

“We asked them to pay for the verification so that we can go for the verification exercise, but some of them paid very late and there is no way we can confirm their studentship without going to the school where they finished their National Diploma.

“We have gone to the respective schools where they earned their National Diplomas.

“We have to wait for responses from the institutions. Some have not responded. some have responded.

“We have started to take care of the students of those schools that have responded. We are still waiting for their responses and when they do within the next few days, we shall be through with it. They should be patient.

“Some of them brought fake National Diploma results and we cannot clear them with those fake results.

“Those who are sure they completed ND from their former schools should wait until we hear from their schools.

“It is possible to cook up anything in Nigeria, even with their academic transcripts,” he concluded.