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Dawn Of A New Era, The Journey To Re-engineer Osun Begins – Dele Adeleke Declares



One of the governorship aspirants of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun state, Mr Dele Adeleke, on Friday made it clear that if new Osun must be birthed, he’s well prepared for it to happen.

He made this known in Abuja while submitting his nomination form, saying Osun is in dire need of a person who understands the situation of things and has mental capacity to rescue the state from total collapse.

“Today as I submit my nomination form as an aspirant, I made it unambiguously clear that I have what it takes to rescue Osun State from the mismanagement of the ruling APC.”

“I am coming into this race with three decades of hard-earned working experience in corporate financial re-engineering, project management and human resource management.

“My professional qualifications and proven track record of practical industry exposure have prepared me for challenging situations like the one Osun is presently mired, I am eminently qualified, competent and ready to undertake the re-engineering and repositioning that Osun so urgently needs. Therefore, I offer myself in service to be the vessel of upliftment, the ladder of ascension to the progress and prosperity of our beloved state.”

“We must halt the retrogression of our dear State under the mismanagement of the APC. We must re-engineer, rebuild and reposition. We must salvage and make sense of all that we have left now, to build a today that is blissful for us and a future that our children can be proud to be part of.”

It was gathered before the submission, there were lots of boasting from some quarters in Ede that mechanisms have been put in place to ensure Dele Adeleke does not get the requisite 45 PDP members from across the state to sign his nomination form.

Also, there were repeated boasts that he will not meet requirements and therefore be unable to scale through the official checks before submission, it was however reported that Dele Adeleke got 127 volunteer members of the PDP from the 30 LGAs offering to sign his nomination form, from among he chose the required 45 members.

This is clearly a testament to his statewide acceptance and growing affection.

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