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A Week Of Flood And Garlands For Oyetola By Kunle Oyatomi



Barr Kunle Oyatomi

Shortly after he earned the respect and applause of the people for his unscheduled visit to areas in the State of Osun devastated by floods, Governor Gboyega Oyetola has continued to receive more laurels appreciative of his excellent work for the citizens.

He responded swiftly to the flood disaster by taking personal charge of identifying with those in distress. Aware that the situation called for instant empathy and not a distant show of sympathy expressed in the office through press statements, Oyetola suspended official duties and headed for the scenes where rain floods had displaced homes and caused much havoc. He was also a victim as the fence of the Goverment House also felled to the ravaging flood. His appearance at the flood spots gave an assurance to the people that they have a helmsman keenly sensitive to their plight. They could trust him in moments of acute need.

Oyetola told them the government was on top of the situation, asking them to remain calm as the authorities study the tragic events with a view to alleviating the grief and putting in measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

Hours later, the government issued a statement declaring its full sympathy for the people. The government said: ‘’…The government is already assessing the impact of the flood… Government has activated its emergency response system, comprising stakeholders in disaster management, which include environmental management officers, health workers and security agencies, to respond efficiently to the incident where necessary…The government is mindful of its responsibilities to protect lives and property under all circumstances, and it shall continue to do so at all times.’’

For an administration that has a seemingly bottomless vault of believability and integrity, it has not been at all difficult for Oyetola to convince the people that he meant every word in the statement. His government has done its utmost to be people-friendly, meeting both the needs of the public and private sectors of the state. These two faces of the citizenry of Osun have great stories to tell about how the All Progressives Congress, APC, government of Oyetola has touched their lives with his policies.

Civil servants have had economic uplift with the minimum wage being paid them regularly and timely, while the embargo on promotions have been lifted. The private and informal fronts are also benefiting from a facelift in infrastructure across the state through rehabilitated roads, public health centres, schools etc, all under the Oyetola government.

Now, while the direct beneficiaries of these feats of the government are hailing Oyetola, there are yet more outsiders joining the club of supporters such is the leadership of the Nigeria Civil Service Union, NCSU. The union gave this verdict after assessing Oyetola’s performance: For continuously taking the welfare and general wellbeing of the residents, particularly workers, as priority since assumption of office, Gboyega bags the Award of Workers-Friendly Governor. NCSU lauded Oyetola for his ‘’passion for good governance, human-capital development and workers’ welfare.’’

As he humbly accepted the award, the governor said it has challenged him to offer more service to the people who gave him the mandate to govern. He said solemnly: ‘’It (the award) is a call to do more for our hardworking workers and for our great State. I shall not disappoint you.’’

Thereafter, Oyetola fittingly dedicated the award to the good people of the State of Osun, particularly the workers, for their unflinching and alloyed support. They are the same people the governor and APC are expected to count on for the return of Oyetola and his party to power at the governorship poll next year.

OYATOMI is the Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy for APC in the state of Osun