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More To Learn About Osun APC Victory! By Rotimi Makinde



Hon Rotimi Makinde

It may be hard to say but sometime you have to know the darkness, before you can appreciate the light. “In the midst of darkness, light persists.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars. APC victory as pronounced by the tribunal is not accidental in any way. It is a well deserved victory that brings succour to many downcast hearts that are yet to overcome the shock associated with the erroneous pronouncement of July 16th, 2022.
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To governor Adegboyega Oyetola, every moment of light and dark is a miracle. Its pretty clear, he will love the light, for it shows him the way, while he endure the darkness because it shows him the stars.

A key thing that defeat teaches is focus.He would be more focus, articulate and understand how to deal with bootlickers and paperweight politicians. We all have to learn how to balance our thoughts and to calm our mind to know how mischievous and terrible people around us could be.Without exaggeration, with his prudent style of governance, performances within limited resources. We certainly had no reasons to be struggling to beat PDP in that election.

We learn every day anyway.The beauty part of it is that our dear Mr governor will forever be analyzing the dark. Indeed it was a life time opportunity to take stock of people, by analyzing the dark. He cant but learn to stay away from those people who try to disparage his ambitions.

If Governor Adeleke is a realist like me. I would rather not appeal this judgment to safe myself from unnecessary stress and public ridicule and to prevent those aides under me who might want to steal within that limited period
To act contrarily to this is for me to continue with my executive rascality, enjoy temporary immunity and by extension show that I want just money in government.

However, We must emulate the gentleman character of Alhaji Adegboyega Oyetola. His faith in God and calmness in the face of turbulence.

“God knows about my coming to Osun, I have done my best, if it pleases Him to put a stop at this stage, there’s nothing we can do. We have sustained the tempo and maintain the dignity as a rescue team. We cant but appreciate our so far so good as a government for the people with a geinue call to serve” That was his exact word to yours sincerely, 24 hours after the gubernatorial election of july 22.

He was calm and well dressed as he received visitors one after the other without bemoaning any emotion.I love him more from that date.That can only come from a faithful and great believer.

Meanwhile, as we congratulate ourselves for the good start which of course must encourage us to intensify our prayers. I humbly invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition and to learn from our past with serious intention never to derail again.

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