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Before APC Jeopardize Future Of Osun By Com Kozeem Olusola



In less than a decade, Osun State as one of the state with the lowest Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) has found herself in a huge debt of #181billion, a debt to be paid within the next 35years (Source : Debt Management Office)

Osun State received #6.4billon for the Q1 of year 2020 from FAAC, there is still possibility for reduction in the Q2 due to Covid 19 pandemic. Then, someone will wonder how the state will be able to pay this huge debt and still provide good governances for her indegen.

Better still, a reasonable person would ask, how did the state find herself in this big mess? But the answer they were giving us is unjustifiable, no one has been able to defend the purpose of trading the future of the state with such debt, no one has been able to point out what government has done that worth securing that huge debt. How they dispose all the money borrowed is still the question that needs answers to from APC led Government in the State

Furthermore, the debt has start showing negative impact on the governance in Osun State, workers are not getting promotion, workers receiving half salary, infrastructure decay, increase in unemployment rate as the government is unable to recruit workers into civil service for many years, diversion of other intervention funds to service the debt. Just of recent, the retirees took to the street in Ile Ife to demand for their rights as far as pension is concerned.

Undoubtedly, if one could look critically, one would observe that there are lots of atrocities being committed by the government of the APC in Osun state and one could vividly assert that nothing good will come out of this administration.

To the good people of Osun state and the youths in particular, the time is now to speak in one voice to rescue our State and generation to come. The time is now, every generation have their generation in their hands it is either they fulfil it or betray it.

In conclusion, I call on the National Assembly and the State House of Assembly to investigate how the money was spent, prevent the government from further borrowing, monitor the spending of the state Allocation, IGR and other intervention funds.

Com Kozeem Olusola
SA Youth Affairs and Employment to Sen Francis Fadahunsi

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