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Courts Responsible For Your Hardships, Underdevelopment NLC Tells Nigerians



The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has asked Nigerians to blame their current predicament; hardship, sufferings and underdevelopment on the courts which has continued to play to the wishes of the corridors of power, rather than stand for the welfare of the masses.

President of the NLC, Comrade Joe Ajaero who spoke at the closing ceremony of NLC’s 2023 Rain School in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state on Friday, hinted on possible action’s by Congress to protest the recent hike in fuel pump price which was described as “nascent wickedness,” as he stressed on the need for a timely and creative response to the cry of Nigerians on the streets.

Ajaero who accused President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration of emasculating an already suffering citizenry, called on Nigerians regardless of religion or ethnicity, to join hands with the NLC to save the country from the “clutches of these mindless policies” which was deepening the yokes of huger and poverty in the country.

He said: “It is important that we quickly draw your attention to the insensitive and utterly unacceptable hike in the prices of Petroleum products by the government of Nigeria in the midst of the suffering occasioned by the earlier hike of same product price to N537/Litre on the 29th day of May 2023. Nigerians were yet to grapple with the shock of that inauguration day price increase when just few days ago, we were shocked with the announcement of a fresh price hike to N617/Litre by the agents of the federal government.

“To us comrades, this is most unconscionable and a further attempt at emasculating an already suffering and bent Nigerians who are currently groaning under the yoke of an unbending malevolent group presently occupying the corridors of power.

“We have pointed this out so as to prepare all of our minds on the battle that awaits all of us as we leave this place. The skills we have acquired here must be used to strategically respond to this nascent wickedness if we must remain relevant as the people cry out and ask; where is Labour and where is the NLC?

“A cry is out there in the streets comrades and we must respond creatively and timely to those calls. It is in the nature and robustness of our response that the testimony of what we have acquired these past days will be borne. It is truly going to be a demonstration of our resilience which is a anchored on how we are able to meet with the desires and expectations of those who look up to us for the articulation and defense of their rights and privileges.

“Our earlier nationwide action was sabotaged by an abnormal injunction procured and served on us in unholy circumstances from the Courts by the Government. Whether this antics of manipulating the Courts to sabotage our collective resolve will work this time is going to be left in the hands of Nigerians and the seriousness with which they see the imminent peril which our lives are being subjected to. That is why we want Nigerian workers and Nigerian people to blame all our present sufferings, hardships and underdevelopment on the Courts.”

Congress further enjoined Nigerians to disregard the state sponsored rallies which it said we’re aimed at further enslaving the country.

“These rallies are clear reminders of the Youth Earnestly Ask for Abacha movement days and truly forces us to reminiscence the days of the bespectacled dictator who ran roughshod over our nation and trampled upon all known democratic and civil rights of the citizens and workers.

“As we brace for another round of struggle for the emancipation of our people and ourselves, we call on all of us who have attended this year’s programme to take charge and provide leadership in their various constituencies so that together, we can generate the critical mass needed to compel this government to listen to the wishes of Nigerian people.”

Source : New Telegraph.