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JUST IN: Court Disbands Ebubeagu Security Outfit



A Federal High Court in Abakaliki has declared the Ebubeagu Security Outfit in Ebonyi State illegal and ordered it to be disbanded. The court also ordered the Ebonyi State Government to pay N50 million in damages to the Director of Media and Publicity in the Ebonyi PDP Governorship Campaign Organisation, Abia Onyeike, for his abduction and torture by the security outfit in November 2022.

Justice Akintayo Aluko, who delivered the judgment, ruled that the State House of Assembly did not have the power to approve the existence of the outfit. He ordered the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Police to take possession of all the guns and logistics used by the group as tools of oppression.

The Ebubeagu Security Outfit was established by the Ebonyi State Government in April 2021 to combat insecurity in the state. However, the outfit has been accused of using force to intimidate and oppress the people of Ebonyi State. Onyeike, who was a victim of the group’s brutality, was abducted and tortured by the outfit in November 2022. He subsequently filed a lawsuit against the outfit and the Ebonyi State Government.

The judgment was welcomed by many, including the PDP Director, who described it as a victory for justice. He said, “I am very happy with the judgment. It is a victory for justice and the rule of law. This will serve as a deterrent to other security outfits operating outside the law.”

The disbandment of the outfit and the award of damages to Onyeike have been seen as a significant victory for justice and the rule of law in Nigeria. Many security outfits are established with good intentions but sometimes become tools of oppression in the hands of unscrupulous individuals. The court’s decision serves as a reminder that no one is above the law and that justice will always be served to those who have been wronged.

The ruling has sparked conversations about the importance of security outfits in Nigeria and the need for them to operate within the confines of the law. There have been concerns about the proliferation of security outfits in Nigeria, and the potential for abuse of power by these outfits. The judgment has raised questions about the legality of other security outfits in Nigeria, and the need for greater oversight and regulation of their activities.

The judgment has also been seen as a victory for democracy, as it affirms the importance of the rule of law in a democratic society. The court’s decision shows that the judiciary is willing and able to hold the executive to account and protect the rights of citizens. It sends a strong message to the government and other security outfits that they cannot act with impunity and that they must operate within the confines of the law.

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