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DSS Lists Ten ‘Sins’ Of Godwin Emefiele, Citing National Security Threat



In a recent development, the Department of State Services (DSS) has released a list of ten serious allegations against the suspended Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

These allegations, which range from financial mismanagement to national security threats, shed light on the reasons behind his suspension by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Here is a breakdown of the accusations presented by the DSS:

1. Funding Unknown Gunmen, ESN, and IPOB: Emefiele is alleged to have used funds raised for his failed presidential bid and diverted money from government coffers to support the activities of unknown gunmen, the Eastern Security Network (ESN), and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). This allegation suggests a misuse of funds for unlawful purposes.

2. Mismanagement of Social Investment Programs: The DSS claims that Emefiele mismanaged Nigeria’s social investment programs, specifically mentioning the National Social Investment Program (NISRAL) and the Anchor Borrowers Scheme. The details of this mismanagement are yet to be disclosed.

3. Illegal Economic Crimes of National Security Dimension: The suspended CBN Governor faces allegations of engaging in economic crimes that pose a threat to national security. The specific nature of these crimes and their implications remain undisclosed.

4. Money Laundering: Emefiele is accused of involvement in money laundering activities. The DSS claims that he facilitated the illegal movement of funds through deceptive financial transactions.

5. Unwholesome Activities Through Proxies: It is alleged that Emefiele carried out unwholesome activities through proxies, using intermediaries to engage in illicit financial activities.

6. Round Tripping: The DSS accuses the former Central Bank Governor of engaging in round-tripping, a practice involving the rapid buying and selling of assets to create artificial trading volume and manipulate markets.
7. Conferment of Financial Benefits to Self and Others: The suspended CBN Governor is alleged to have granted financial benefits to himself and others in an inappropriate and unauthorized manner.

8. Threat to National Security: Emefiele is accused of posing a threat to national security through his alleged involvement in illegal activities, which may have significant ramifications for the stability and integrity of the country.

9. Criminal Conspiracy to Divert Government Resources: The DSS claims that Emefiele conspired with others to divert government resources for personal gain or illicit purposes.

10. Terrorism Financing: The most severe allegation against the suspended CBN Governor is his alleged involvement in financing terrorism. This accusation suggests that Emefiele played a role in providing financial support to individuals or groups involved in acts of terrorism.

These ten allegations collectively present a comprehensive range of charges against Godwin Emefiele, which have led to his suspension from the position of Central Bank Governor. The severity of the accusations, particularly those related to national security threats and terrorism financing, highlights the gravity of the situation. As investigations proceed, further details regarding the allegations are expected to be disclosed, shedding more light on the case and its potential impact on the financial and security sectors of the country.

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