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Body Of Catholic Nun Found Incorrupt Four Years After Death



The body of one Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster was said to be found incorrupt four years after she was buried.

This development, has, however, turned the city of Missouri to become a place of pilgrims as thousands of persons troop in daily to watch her body.

According to BBC reports, the community of Benedictine Sisters of Mary was thrown into enthusiasm and wonders after they found the incorrupt body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, the founder of Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of the Apostles.

New Telegraph reports that the incident is attracting thousands of people to travel to Missouri daily to see the sister’s body while many pray for her intercession.

It was reported that there are a few Catholic Saints over the years whose bodies are incorrupt but used to be in a very rare case or it occurs probably once in a hundred years.

Sister Wilhelmina died four years ago and was buried in Missouri.

CNN reports also revealed that she was buried in a coffin said to have cracked.

However, the authorities decided to exhume her body in order to bury her at a proper place but found her nearly completely incorrupt.

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster appears to be the first African-American Nun whose body didn’t decay after 4 years of interment without embalmment.

The mystery behind the occurrence is not clear yet, but it was said that the church is still investigating.