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Nigerians React As Pregnant Wife Caught In Bed With Pastor, Commits Suicide



The social media space has been buzzing with massive reactions following the news that Martha, the pregnant wife of a Zambian man caught on bed with a pastor had committed suicide.

The news of the alleged suicide was reported on twitter by a tweep and media man, with the twitter identity Gen Situka.

Gen Situka
·FollowApparently, Martha has taken her life according to multiple sources.

The news of the suicide of Martha has divided many with some, especially ladies faulting the husband for supposedly leaking the video of his pregnant wife in bed with the prophet.

Here is how tweeps responded to the news of the alleged suicide by Martha, the pregnant wife remarkably with little mention of the prophet that was at the centre of the whole drama.

@valerie256_: Hope her husband is now happy. People make mistakes but he had to put his family issues online. Men are rubbish

@berlinda_oby: It’s cruel of everyone involved in the early demise of Martha. Pastor,husband, extended family. All hve sinned, nobody is a saint. She shuld hve been rebuked bt nt to allow her take her life. Remember she’s pregnant, now two life’s are involved, their blood will ask for justice.

@evysvice: Then where would the man get his own justice, cause he got heartbroken, lost his wife and had his unborn child killed by the wife as well, why don’t you say justice for the guy?

@namaragwen1: Are you happy now? The moment you guys understand that once a woman is pregnant or in her periods her emotions are all over and what they need most is attention ,such things won’t be happening.

@JingoSyrus: Its her decision, till we meet Martha , hope your soul doesn’t cheat on jesus and sneak into heaven

@heaven_____sen: Its the husband I blame for recording that video..that’s not how things are handled hope he will live with the guilt and burden that he led to loss of two lives

Also commenting on the alleged suicide, some said that the man had no blame over the fate of his pregnant wife given her action with the prophet.

@BobbyG_Fitbody: You can’t blame the husband dear. The husband was in shock seeing that, so maybe he wanted to used that as an evidence to what he saw. But the mistake comes from posting it immediately online. So this story is a clingy blame to all victim involved. I pray God show mercy

See more reactions:

So Martha committed suicide you all are blaming the husband for posting it on the internet but when a man caught chatting and posted online by his daughter you praised them and blame the man. To hell with her if she dies you women will never take the blame.

— _Erin (@ErinPlanet01) November 21, 2022

So Martha committed suicide, what was she thinking while cheating on her husband with pregnancy, in this life there is consequence in every action you take, so therefore before you take any action think about the outcome.

— I day for you (@Jeroski0) November 21, 2022

So Martha committed suic!de ‍♀️ Who should we blame but Martha herself. She gave out her number, talked, laughed, joked, “vibed” and cheated with another man. It was never a mistake. We all know what we are doing.

— ︻╦╤─ Vote For Peter Obi (@Olakved) November 21, 2022

So Martha too her life
Nobody cared to hear her side of the story! she probably took her life feeling useless Yet you all are still dragging her! Can y’all back off already? Not justifying her but I believe there’s more to the story than what meets the eyes!
RIP Martha

— Oyin (@OyinDaGreat) November 21, 2022

So Martha committed suicide. If it’s true, then God go done sentence her to hell on two count charges now.

— Ogbeide godstime (@Ogbeidematthew3) November 21, 2022

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