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2023 Election: NNPP Offers Youths Opportunity to Participate in Governance



By Jide Afolabi

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has offered Nigerian youths its platform to participate in governance.

The party advised youths to brace up and develop their leadership skills the more towards being involved in actual governance.

This was disclosed to pressmen in Abuja, Nigeria on Thursday January 20, 2022 by the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the party, Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba, at the end of a close door meeting with some youths aspiring to contest at different levels under the platform of the party.

Olorunmagba said that, “The party is proud of the vibrant youths that are already expressing interest in contesting at different levels. And we can confidently assert that the tides is changing already as more youths are beginning to aspire for political positions and not just like it used to be that, some Nigerian youths relegated themselves to mere social media commentators or political thugs used by politicians every four years in exchange for peanuts”.

The party however added that, there is still need for more awakening so that more of our youths can go above sitting on the fence only criticising without working towards being involved at the center. “In as much as constructive criticism is essential in any democratic society, the youths need to try as much as possible to avoid just focusing only on criticism without trying to get involve in governance. The nation is blessed with many youths that are so intelligent, highly endowed and that have cognitive experience through their involvement in businesses, organisations and leadership positions in other areas”, NNPP observed.

This period that there is awareness in youth involvement in governance, there is the need to understand the importance of having a party like the New Nigeria People’s (NNPP) that has been youth friendly, giving more youths (both male and female) the opportunity to be involved in party administration as well as offering them the platform to contest for political positions and they also enjoy massive support from the party. “Hence, no youth can claim to want to be involved in governance, but have no platform to contest under, except such person is not qualified or not serious. NNPP is that political party that is always ready to give adequately qualified youths platform irrespective of their status, ethnicity or religious affiliation. We are one!”


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