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Osun: Journalist Advises Gov. Oyetola On Olaiya Flyover Bridget’s Navigation



An Osun-based journalist, Mr. Sola Isola has advised Gboyega Oyetola-led administration of Osun State to make provisions for directional phenomenal that will guide users on how to navigate through the Olaiya Flyover Bridge which is nearing completion.


In a Facebook post, Mr. Isola addresses the Osun State Commissioner for Works and Transport, Honourable Omowaiye Oluremi, that “it is very pertinent at this crucial time that we release a guideline that shows motorists and residents of Osun how to navigate their way when Olaiya Flyover is commissioned, which I hope will be in the next few days.


“I assume their will be signs on the bridge itself, so I wouldn’t want to preempt, since it hasn’t been unveiled.


“Perhaps announce it on Radio and television, how each person coming from every road that leads to the flyover will navigate the flyover to link their destination. We can even have a 3D video presentation that shows the explanation sponsored as an advert on Facebook,” he partly wrote.


Mr. Isola expressed his concern that it would be a dangerous situation to assume that every road user would understand how to navigate the bridge. He went ahead to cite a situation some people, who allegedly belong to the opposition party were saying some of the road is blocked. This, Mr. Sola said “practically indicated ignorance on their part.”


“I also forsee a situation where our state traffic wardens (Omo Aregbe) will want to leverage on ignorance of motorists to make money for themselves more than the state, so I want to advise that we announce publicly that one month from after the commissioning, no Omo Aregbe must arrest anybody at the flyover, they should rather guide motorists on the right path to follow.


“I hope this piece is taken without prejudice or sentiment.” He said.


He ended the post with a reminder that “today (Saturday) makes it 332 days since the flyover construction started.”


It is a daily routine for the journalist to make post daily on the situational level of Flyover Bridge, his most recent said: “331days (10 months, 28 days) Since Olaiya Flyover Construction Started… Extra day 61”.

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