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How Journalist Lost Wife 12 Days After Their Wedding



It was a dark moment for Jesse Tafida, a TVC correspondent in Maiduguri, who lost his wife, Mercy IIiya when their journey into their honeymoon just began.

Mercy IIiya who was asthmatic died twelve days after marrying her sweetheart, as the couple got wedded on Saturday, April 30th in Maiduguri, Borno State.

“My colleague Jesse Tafida has been afflicted. He needs good people now by his side to help him recover from this psychologically from this disturbing experience,” Tafida’s friend Borno Hamza said.

The news of the death of the 12-day bride, Mercy IIiya, has thrown the journalist’s family, friends and colleagues into mourning.

The incident began on the May 10, 2022 when the new couple sprayed insecticide into their bedroom and the wife who was an asthmatic patient started to develop complications.

Devastated by the situation, Jesse frantically drove his wife to the hospital, where she was provided with urgent medical assistant.

They were discharged that day, only for the situation to worsen a day after. Jesse Tafida returned her to the hospital where she was later confirmed dead.

However, devastated friends, family members and colleagues of the journalist have taken to social media express their shock over the death and mourn the new bride.

Borno Hamza said it was a very devastating situation for friends and relatives of the family and Borno State correspondent chapel, where Jesse is also a member.

He narrated the circumstances which led to Mary death, saying the Borno State correspondent chapel, where Jesse is a member, has been thrown into mourning, too.

“I’m very close to Jesse Tafida; being a colleague we have maintained a cordial relationship. The incident began on May 10, when they sprayed insecticide into their bedroom and the wife who was also an asthmatic patient started to develop some symptoms.

“The husband took her to the hospital, where she was checked and drugs were administered to her and he took her back home, only for the symptoms to return.

“She was told that something entered her nose and he rushed her to the hospital again and she passed on there. The insecticide caused some complications which led to her death. The agony on the faces of those who came to sympathize with the family members was indescribable.

“As the vice chairman of the Borno state correspondent I led a team to the bereaved’s house for condolence. Personally Jesse is a good person. The couple were very close.

“Everybody knows how close they were. They were like best of friends. I wonder how he will going to cope with this loss. He needs good people now to help him to recover psychologically because when you see him today you will understand what I’m saying.”

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