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A Day After Installation, Gunmen Kill Community Leader, 14 Others In Kaduna Village



Gunmen in Kaduna State have on Sunday, killed a community leader, Isiaku Madaki in his residence at Kakura in Chikun local government area, a day after he was installed.

Although the police were yet to react, a local said the gunmen came to the village in the early hours of Sunday people who were Gbagyi, were celebrating the installation of the community leader.

” The deceased was on Saturday installed as the Head of the community.
Kakura is a community predominantly occupied by the gbagi tribe but has other tribes with few Fulani settlers who have lived in the community for decades.”

‘We all gathered in his residence earlier on Saturday to rejoice with him over his appointment. However, we were shocked when in the early hours of today Sunday, we began to hear gunshots.”

‘ We were afraid we could not come out of our houses. Later we were told that the gunmen had killed him in the presence of his wife and family.”

” We found his dead body laying on the ground. His wife told us the gunmen broke into their residence and shot him. They did not take anything, neither did they abduct anybody,” the local said.

” In the morning the aggrieved natives allegedly attacked the Fulani settlement where 14 people were feared dead.”

According to a Fulani, Mallam Buhari, early in the morning, the natives surrounded their settlement and asked them to leave the area since “they are now hypocrites.”

He said while they were leaving they were attacked and some of them killed.
“On our way out to the village, we counted 4 corpses. Later on the bush path, there were the dead bodies of 10 others,” he said.

He said police were deployed to the community to ensure law and order, but many have left the community out of fear.

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