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Tinubu 2023: Yorubas Remain Dangerous Obstacles To Yoruba Interest -YWG



Asiwaju Tinubu

The National President of the Yoruba Welfare Group, Comrade Adegoke Alawuje has warned Yorubas to stop constituting themselves as obstacles to the overall interest of Yoruba, in exchange for paltry price and selfish interest.

He said as long as no other credible and capable Yoruba sons and daughters have come out to signify interest in the presidency other than Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, no true Yoruba should work against his ambition.

Alawuje who described Tinubu as the most competent among all the Southerners who have so far directly or indirectly shown interest to be Nigerian president warned Tinubu’s tribesmen from always fighting their own at the point of success.

“History has shown that no other ethnic group, be it Hausa, Fulani or Igbo is more dangerous to the interest of the fellow Yorubas and the Yoruba land than the Yorubas themselves

“This is because we always prefer to support influential people but with no positive impacts on us. Rather, we always focus on how to bring down the very influential and relevant ones amongst us,

“Arrogant and stupid mistake some Yorubas often make is by painting their leading political children in bad light and regard them as their enemies. How can any Yoruba man has a Tinubu who is not only capable but has adequately prepared for the job and still be searching for a non-existent alternative?, he queried.

Alawuje chastised the selfish Yoruba elders who do survive on crisis, supporting incapable choices and working against the interest of their tribe.

He noted that, Tinubu’s critics, rather than come up with his offences, have suffocated the air space and social media with lies, falsehood and propaganda.

“Why are we trying to destroy God’s specially-made political man of our time? Some are even making a video cursing him in the public. Some also engage in verbal attacks on him, while some spend their day and night with their collaborators from outside the Yoruba land to bring down Tinubu and rubbish his political sagacity”.

YWG President condemed the situation which automatically turns Tinubu’s critics to heroes.

“The new madness in town is, as long as you can boldly attack Tinubu, you automatically become their hero, but when you tell them that insulting or attacking elders, elderstatesmen, as well as dedicated and honest politicians is wrong, you are accused of taking money from those elders and politicians.

Alawuje who insisted that Tinubu is what Nigeria needs after President Muhammadu Buhari advised the Yorubas who have chosen attacking Tinubu as a vocation to reflect on Yoruba values and tradition and allow those values to moderate their actions.

Alawuje however expressed happiness that some are already returning to their senses, and asking themselves “what are Tinubu’s offences?”

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