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Prostitute Causes Panic In Osogbo, As She Raises False Robbery Alarm



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Residents of Omowumi Street, Fakunle Area, Osogbo, early Sunday morning were woken up with a panic shouts of robbery -Ole, Ole (thief, thief), causing some to rush out and other hiding in fear.

CityMirrorNews later learnt that the shouts, which occurred around 6:10 am, were from a prostitute, who was actually chasing after her customer that refused to pay her for service rendered.

CityMirrorNews, gathered that the customer, a young man in his 20s was apprehended by residents who were courageous to step out upon hearing the shouts.

When the young man was, however, apprehended, residents started beating him before the girl (prostitute) came to the scene and explained that he was not really a thief but her customer that wanted to outsmart her by not paying and running off with her money.

The girl explained that the customer called her to Osogbo from Ile-Ife, and they had sex, five times before the break of dawn.

She said the man, however, did fake transfer as a means of payment, but when she discovered that it was a fake transfer, he now took her to the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to withdraw cash for her.

She explain further that it was when they got to the ATM, along Gbongon-Osogbo road , that the man ran off, forcing her to chase after him and shouting thief, so people could help her apprehend him.

When, asked how much the man (customer) was to pay him, she said N8,300, which the man himself did not deny but refuted the claim that he did fake transfer and that they only had one round of sex.

Residents of Omowumi, who were out to catch a glimpse of what was happening, were, however, disappointed and angry with the development and almost beating the girl (prostitute) for raising such alarm, considering the security challenges in the country.

They warned her not to raise such false alarm again, saying in a volatile and hostile environment, the boy could have been lynched before they find out it was a false alarm.

The prostitute was later paid by a good Samaritan, who made transfer to her account on behalf of the boy and she later went her way

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