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10 Anniversary: PDP Warns Aregbesola To Stay Away From Osun



Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Minister of Interior

The Peoples Democratic Party has warned ex governor Rauf Aregbesola to stay away from Osun state to prevent breakdown of law and order.

The party also claimed “Osun residents had suffered enough because of maladministration of the former governor and do not deserve to be put through harrowing experience of security breakdown”, maintaining that the proposed visit of the Minister of Interior to the state was a ploy to cause mayhem.

A statement by the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the party, Prince Diran Odeyemi, and made available to CityMirrorNews in Osogbo on Tuesday then called on security operatives to pay more than passing attention to the planned visit by Aregbesola purportedly to mark 10 years of return of progressive administration to the state.

“It is more that mere coincidence that Rauf Aregbesola decided to mark 10 years of his administration on the very day his successor Oyetola wanted to celebrate his 2nd year administration. It is obviously meant to test power and popularity with the use of thugs and hooligans” Odeyemi declared.

The PDP spokesman further claimed that the visit had already exposed the bad relationship that existed between the incumbent governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, and his predecessor, and cautioned that rather than come to Osun for any celebration, Aregbesola should endeavor to let the residents enjoy their peace, having left them worst than he met them.

The PDP stalwart also claimed there was no concrete achievement the state recorded other than huge debt of N200B, formation of thuggery tagged ‘State Boys,’ inflated contracts and complete loss of value under the watch of ex governor Aregbesola.

He said, “What is he coming here to celebrate? Where is MKO International Cargo Airport where over N3 billion was spent by Aregbesola? What is good in his administration that Aregbesola left over N200 billion debt according to the National Bureau of Statistics as at November, 2018 when he left government?

Odeyemi in the statement also asked “Where is our opon Imo, now known as tabloid of fraud awarded to Kabir Aregbesola at the rate of N7 billion? Where is Dagbolu International Market that Aregbesola promised Osun people after spending huge amount of money?

“Aregbesola left N36 months unpaid half salaries to Osun workers and pensioners amounting to N30 billion. Where is igi iye project that swallowed several billions of naira? Where is osunwon omoluabi introduced by Aregbesola government? where is Osun helicopter? Why did Aregbesola refused to pay pensioners their gratuities for 8 years?

“Under Aregbesola for eight years, civil servants were not promoted, Local Governments were fraudulently forced to on parliamentary system just as we want to ask about O Reap, O -Hub, O-Fish, O pig all of which are failed promises used to syphon Osun’s allocation”

“Aregbesola also bastardised the educational sector by introducing single uniform, renaming of schools, mergers of institutions including reclassification again universal educational system.

“For three years, consecutively, Aregbesola spent over N4 billion by sending Osun people to Cuba the advantage of which we still don’t know in Osun state”

The PDP said it was sure no reasonable Osun resident would join Aregbesola’s celebration but urged security to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to prevent impending crisis, should the former governor insist on visting

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