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Osun Will Celebrate You Always, APC Tells Aregbesola @62



Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola Storm

“All Progressives Congress and majority of Osun people will on Saturday gather in Osogbo to celebrate the 62nd birthday of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola.

“Our experience with this one-of-a-kind governor will remain fresh for a long, long time” the APC said.

According to the party, “Aregbesola met Osun in a bad shape and lifted it up to a height never envisaged even by his most ardent supporters.

“He met the state school infrastructure in a delapidated condition, but today Osun boasts of one of the best schools’ network in Nigeria.”

In a congratulatory message from the party, issued by its Directorate of Publicity, Research and Strategy and signed by its director, Barr Kunle Oyatomi, the APC further claims that, “the history of the state of Osun will be incomplete without Aregbesola’s name because he did what others before him could not do:

“He transformed Osun from a backward to a pace setting state, challenging some of the best in the country.”

“Ogbeni met thousands of idle, unemployed youths on the streets of the state and by the time he left office, tens of thousands of young men and women were not only employed, a good number of them were retrained professionally at home and abroad to stand on their own.

“Business in Osun by 2010 was drab and unattractive, but today the state’s business environment is more active than it had ever been since it was created.

“Elderly citizens who had been helpless for a long time had a life changing experience with Aregbesola’s social security assistance that put them on a N10,000 monthly stipend programme.

“We can go on and on to enumerate the monumental achievements of Ogbeni that no governor before him in the history of the state had ever done.

“Aregbesola not only created landmarks all over the state, he made the erstwhile obscure part of the country a prime subject of discussion in the mainstream media in Nigeria.

“Besides, Ogbeni’s progressive, people oriented projects attracted significant international attention right up to the United Nations that supported a number of those projects, even recommending them to other developing countries.

“That was how unique and spectacular the presence of Aregbesola was and remains in Osun”, the APC declared.

The party therefore assured the former governor that “no matter how hard the opposition and their minions tried, they cannot diminish the sterling contributions of Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola to the development of the state of Osun.

“You have set a standard of leadership in governance which will be a reference point for those who will seriously seek to serve their party and people in the future.

“It is the reason we are so proud of your eventful two terms in service to the people of Osun.

“May the good Lord continue to give you good health and strength to be of service to our country in any other capacity you may be called upon to serve,” the APC concluded.i