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Kids And Teens Class Kick-off In Osogbo



Always supervise kids and teens who are still inexperienced in the kitchen.

This and more made the opening remarks of the Cheif Executive Officer of Sallyluli Cakes and Events Management Temitope Sally at the opening ceremony of a 4-day baking class for Kids and teens organized by Sallyluli.

She pointed out that as an adult, you know that all it takes is a second for you to get into a kitchen accident. This is why you have to make sure that you have eyes on the kids all the time while they’re in the kitchen.

“Make sure that you know what they’re doing and that you can see that they’re doing it right. The supervising adult will also ensure that the kids are following the rest of the safety tips that will be thought during this baking class.” She added.

“As an additional note, make sure that you let the kids know that they need permission from an adult before they start working in the kitchen. This way, they’re not going to start working in the kitchen without an adult’s approval and guidance.”

Temitope Sally outlined some of the basic precaution that needs to be follow by them. “Germs are all over the kitchen even if you clean it all the time. This shouldn’t discourage you from letting your kids work in the kitchen. You just should make sure that they wash their hands before, during and after working in the kitchen.”

The first part of the barking class ends on 28th of this month while the second part start on 1st of September, and ends on 4th September, 2020.

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