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Tinubu/Kwankwaso Meetings: Don’t Betray Northern APC, Buhari Ally Warns Tinubu



The President-Elect Senator Ahmad Bola Tinubu reported meetings with Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of NNPP in Paris, has generated serious gaps in the ruling APC, as a stunch supporter of the Party and a loyalist to President Muhammadu Buhari, AbdulMajid Danbilki Kwamanda, said such actions could be tantamount to betrayal of the North.

Abdulmajid Danbilki Kwamanda who spoken bitterly against any attempt by the President-elect Bola Ahmad Tinubu, to welcome Sen Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to the party or offer him any appointment, warned that they will harshly resist such negative moves.

Danbilki stated this in an emergency meeting with newsmen in Kano on Thursday describing such an attempt by Tinubu as a betrayal of the trust and commitment of his supporters in the region, which they would not handle lightly.

He warned that Kwankwaso has an agenda that will bring the APC down if he is allowed into the party as he attempted doing in the past but could not succeed and had to leave for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which he shattered and left for the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) where he became it’s presidential candidate.

“We in the Northwest do not welcome Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to our party APC.

“We do not accept the idea of Bola Tinubu giving him any appointment even as low as a messenger in our dear party.

“Should Tinubu ignore our outcry and appoint Kwankwaso, we are going to disrupt the entire APC in the North and withdraw our support for him.

“If we set the party on fire, not even Tinubu as a president can put out that fire. We are the north and the people are our people.

“We have invested all our efforts, integrity and dignity in the North to mobilize the people to vote for Tinubu, they refused to vote for a fellow northerner just for him to win in the region and now come and embrace our major opposition. We will not accept that.

“We assure Tinubu that we will turn our backs on him if he decides do ignore our call, we don’t welcome Kwankwaso to our party and don’t give him any appointment.
This is our message to all” Danbilki declared.

He further cautioned Tinubu to steer clear of the antics of Kwankwaso, lest he leads him and the party into a serious crisis as he plans to enhance democracy in the country when he assumes office.

“Kwankwaso is more like a green snake that will lead you and the party into crises and bring you down. Already, he had condemned voting for you in Kano describing you as an enemy of the North, a criminal and unhealthy individual.

“It will therefore be a mistake to welcome him to the party or give him any appointment in your government.

On whether Tinubu is working towards rewarding the NNPP presidential candidate for pulling away people from voting for the PDP during the general election as the APC leadership in the state worked to get the required votes percentage for Tinubu, Danbilki said Kwankwaso did nothing in favour of Tinubu.

He explained that the PDP in Kano was engulfed in an internal crisis already between the two governorship candidates, Saadiq Wali and Muhammad Abacha, as well as the leadership of the party. He said with such a crisis the PDP will definitely lose support and votes and had nothing to do with Kwankwaso as wrongly propagated

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