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Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila 2023: For Effective Representation, Think Dapo Adesina



Dapo Adesina

By Ibrahim Sarafa

For some days now, I have followed with keen interest the raging debates around who should get the mandate of the people to represent Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency in 2023. Although, varying sentiments were expressed, the consensus of views was that Olufemi Fakeye, the current occupier of the seat, has failed to offer the expected representation and should not return.

The quest for someone who understands the needs of the constituency and could tap on the verse opportunities in the House to make them happen, was well pronounced in the contributions of people from the zone. This were thoughts that canvassed for an effective representation to serve not only a few circle of friends and partymen, but everyone.

These resolves, which are quite impressive, raised a poser on who among the aspirants eyeing the House of Representatives seat for Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency answers the yearnings of the people. To be frank, this is a thoughtful poser, and how electorate respond to the question would depict the kind of representation they get in 2023.

Just as in any contest, politicians have come out to express interest in the seat. Whether in the All Progressives Congress (APC) or the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), those eyeing the seat are have put in place machineries to stand in pole position to clinch it.

Let me be clear here, there is nothing wrong with aspirations but what should drive ambition is the capacity and wherewithal to deliver expected gains for the people. As noted above, the people of Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency at the moment are displeased with the shabby performance of Olufemi Fakeye, and now look towards the PDP for a better replacement.

With this in mind, it is expected that the PDP will not only show that it is capable of fulfilling the expectations of the people, but can as well ensure fairness. To do this, one man, Dapo Ademola-Adesina, out of those who had shown interest in the seat within the PDP, perfectly fit the needs of the people of Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency.

Make no mistake about it, the PDP will not have it easy drawing the electorates to its side and whoever will be representing the party in the 2023 election must be someone that can appeal to the people based on capability and fairness. If not anything, Dapo Ademola-Adesina has shown over time to be capable going by his impressive exploits in the private sector. As the Managing Director/CEO of Shimarch Group of Companies, he has Shimarch Realty Concept, Shimarch Associates Nig Ltd and Shimarch & Company International Nig Ltd under his direct management.

This is aside is wide array of networks within the private sector and even public sector, which can be very helpful in facilitating developments for the people and also help constituents get access to opportunities. This is the deal he’s offering the people of Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency and I am confident, considering his antecedent, that he will deliver.

Even more, Dapo Ademola-Adesina stands as the most ideal choice for PDP on the ground of equity and fairness. Dapo Ademola-Adesina is from Boluwaduro local government, which has not had the opportunity to represent the constituency since the return of democracy to Nigeria in 1999. More so, the likelihood of Ila local government, which is part of the federal constituency, getting the PDP ticket for the Osun Central Senatorial District for the 2023, has made it even a moral and political question for anyone from Ila local government to tussle the PDP ticket for Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency with an aspirant from Boluwaduro local government as no one from Ifedayo local government has shown interest in the seat.

This is why PDP needs to look in the direction of Dapo Ademola-Adesina as the candidate for Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency because not only will his candidacy propel a resounding victory for the party but also bring about a true representative of the people. Think of a man with the right attitude and zeal for service, look no other place because Dapo Ademola-Adesina is the man and PDP, and the people of Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency must rally behind him.

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