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Ayo Ti De 23: My Non Partisan Post In Support Of A Reliable Personality



Let me introduce this great man of purpose and influence,our brother,our son and our friend,one of us whose love for Ile-Ife is of maximum priority and in-depth passion.

Ambassador Ayoola Awodire was born over 4 decades ago in Ile-Ife from the Olugbodo ancient compound of Ile-Ife to Late Pa Awodire and Late Ma Awodire,he is an orphan who struggled through the echoes of life to attain greatness ,he relocated to France (Paris) about 25 years ago and struggled till God blessed the works of his hands,despite the distance this man makes sure he visits Ife at least twice a year to supper and know what’s going on in our ancient city,he is happily married with kids and he has empowered and supported so many people across Ile-Ife and Yoruba Land at large.

Ambassador Ayo Awodire is the CEO Of FranceLag Business Consult Paris ,also the founder of Yoruba Federation In France,This foundation was founded and financed by him till date ,he created the organization to help Yoruba citizens who relocate to France in getting jobs,shelter ,funds and even giving moral supports as they begin a new journey in their new location .*

Over the years he has successfully helped over 300 Yorubas especially those from Our beloved town Ile-Ife ,just recently about few weeks ago he was instrumental in settling some youths from ife who relocated to France.

Ambassador Ayoola Awodire single handedly partnered with FaceOfOsunPageant since 2015 till date and financially supports the pageant since 2015 till date with enough funds even more than the then serving politicians.

He has seen it all and know where the shoes inches our people of Ile-Ife and he has decided henceforth to offer himself to serve the people of Ife central at the Osun state house of assembly ……

Let’s all support Ambassdor Ayoola Awodire for this man that I know would never disappoint us!

This is a non partisan post but stance of truth and support to a personality I can vouch for any day any time.

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