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2023: Jettison Ambition, Focus On Peace-Cleric



By Segun Ojo, Osogbo

The Convener of The National Rebirth/ New Nigeria of Faith Apostolic Ministries, Ido Osun , Osun state, Apostle Akinbiyi Paul Olusegun, has urged political leaders to jettison their ambition for 2023 election and focus on peace for the nation.

He said, shelving personal interest for collective peace and harmony is the only panacea for Nigeria as a nation to bounce back again.

Speaking with journalists in Osogbo yesterday, the state capital, Apostle Akinbiyi noted that God has revealed to him that, the nation would heal from her current wound if only we can heed to his instructions.

He said, Nigerians should stop blaming the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for the calamities bedeviling the nation as he can’t do more than what he is presently doing, positing that, it’s only God intervention that will reposition the nation.

“No political party will save Nigeria unless God intervene as political party reformation is what we have, the politicians were not reformed”.

He opined that, holding the Yoruba nation fighter, Sunday Igboho and his Biafra counterpart, Nnamdi Kanu hostage will not solve the nation’s problem as God want to spring up new Nigeria without segregation, urging the nation leaders to release the duo for the sake of unity and the new thing God want to do for the nation.

He urged religion leaders to be truthful and honest so as not to mislead their followers for what God want to do in Nigeria.

” Our religion leaders should amend their ways and stop deceiving their followers in the name of religion.

“Yoruba leaders should drop their personal ambition, forgive yourselves, stop deceiving your followers, work collectively to redeemed the glory of Nigerian that has been affected by Yorubas. Igbo leaders,

” They should go to a round table discussion and reason together with the youths to drop Biafra agenda and team up with Yoruba brothers to bring Northern leaders back from been wicked. Give listening ear restructuring Nigerian,

” Buhari administration is what God will use to bring back proper restructuring before 2023 general elections that will usher in New Nigeria, if we will hearken to God’s instructions” he added.

“God told Nigeria Youths to shun violence and find a way to forgive their leaders, that they should be ready to follow his instructions with proper change of heart to be a better future leaders because He God has 3 agenda for the nation’s to bring back new Nigeria. They are, Revelation, Revival and Revolution (RRR). He told me, Revelation have been revealed , Revival is we need now for Revolution to come”

Apostle Akinbiyi posited that, Nigerians should hearken and keep to the instructions of God as soon as possible, saying there shall be a great surprise that will turn around the nation’s fortune for the good of the people.

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