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Stewardship of Dr. Lateef Olatunji, The 4th Rector of The Federal Polytechnic Offa (2017 – 2020)



THE long awaited moment; the moment the Fourth Rector of the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Dr. Lateef Ademola Olatunji will always remember in his life has come: the day he ceases to be the number one citizen of the institution. He will be on his way to occupy the space history has created for him to live. Similarly, he will need to find out what more life has to offer him, not from anybody, but from the womb of time.


FROM the outset, he purified the impressions people held against what development means, what it connotes and denotes. He defiled the odds against stagnancy. He chose to move the institution forward. He didn’t set out to please individuals or caucus, he had his mind set out on the projects and goals that would ingrained him in the lives of those who believed in his administration, to be criticized by those who think he should feed their nest and to those who believe he is a mortal that cannot but imperfect in certain area of life.


AS part of the traits of those who made remarkable impacts, he didn’t satisfy the pulse and purse of many who believe in the crumbs of office as the purposes of its occupation. He did his best. It is this set of bests that requires attention and mentions.


WITH strong intent from the outset, his Vision and Mission Statements for the institution were clear like early morning water fetched at the river. They were not only ingrained in his body chemistry, he lives by them and adheres to the principles that make dreams become realities. To be succinct, he has been able to shift the position of the institution from among the best to one of the most preferred institutions in course of studies in Nigerian polytechnics, like: Mass Communication, Library and Information Science, Science Laboratory Technology, among others.


THERE is no need to waste words, it is obvious and devoid of oblivious context that Dr. Olatunji has been able to shift the paradigm in terms of improvement on the available structures and infrastructures. It must be said that in terms of infrastructural development, he has been able to move the institution from the premise of the old structures to the modern, classed and befitting administrative and academic buildings. This was attainable through prompt utilisation of available funds and implementations of the goals of his administration. That’s a meaningful presence.


NEVERTHELESS, he is aware that academic setting is like Oliver Twist – that always asks for more. Based on this impression, he did not only improve the values and standards of the various courses being studied at the Federal Polytechnic Offa, but, his administration took a step further to introduced new courses like: Public Administratio, Art and Design, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Geological Technology, Hospitality Management, Meteorological Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering and Petroleum Resources Engineering. Not done, his milk of human compassion remains intact and functioning, through which his administration is ably considerate and deems it appropriate to facilitate the recruitments of teaching and non-teaching staff. The Federal Polytechnic Offa has bagged various awards and recognitions for academic excellence.


A TREE cannot make a forest, Dr. Olatunji is not only fortunate to have a crop of visionary team, goal oriented and focused lieutenants as his management team, he was privileged to be alive to aspire for the position of Rector when he did. He is grateful for such rare grace. Many people with dreams and visions don’t know when to set forth at dawn.


FROM the foregoing, it is inevitable to say that he is like a father figure to many, while his tenure lasts. The people of Offa and its immediate communities cannot but be grateful for the opportunity granted to one of their illustrious sons, for the privilege to see the beginning and the end of his administration in good health and success stories. His time was dominated by peace and tranquility. The little perforations and punctured times came to weigh the size and length of his administration’s preparedness for distractions. His administration survived the challenging times.


Down the historical lane, Lateef Ademola Olatunji, PhD., was born on 2nd December 1963 into the Olugbense ruling house of Offa, Kwara State. Being privileged to be given the slice of hope made available by education, Dr. Olatunji refused to be baited by the lure of available resources by his parent. Instead, he aspires to carve a niche for himself. He chose to write his name in gold and sold himself positively into the abyss of history where those who made change possible are not forgotten.


HIS CONSISTENCY in terms of sustained media and human relations, humbleness and hospitality, gives credence to his noble art and actions that ease life for others. He listens with absolute attention, he knows how to manage people and situations. He knows himself. He knows and understands the fragility of life that life is a flux. Life changes in order to maintain balance. He understands that every position is a test of character!


AS PART of the traits of those who made impacts, he aspires to carve a niche for himself positively through the public service delivery – where history does not forget individuals. Dr. Ademola Olatunji actually deserves meaningful conclusion of his administration’s tenure. A series of congratulations in their droves cannot be sufficient! Individuals need to ask themselves what they are doing with their position. Your life cannot be separated from what you do.


THIS EDITORIAL, like a valediction, cannot but wishes Ademola Olatunji, PhD., the best life has to offer. It is our hope that his legacies would be his testimonials when time tries to examine them. He has come, he has seen, he has conquered what nature and resources at his disposal avail him. He cannot be judged for what he didn’t do. The largest room in the world is always room for improvement. That’s why perfection is not attainable – it is utopian in nature. The Federal Polytechnic Offa is larger than any mortal to fulfill its demands in a day or set of years. You can only be given space to divulge what you have to offer. Nothing is permanent or cast in stones. The baton no longer stays with him. His stewardship is his identity engraved on the baton his tenure has placed on the table for the next Rector. The baton and the new dawn of duties belongs to someone else, henceforth!



CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Lateef Ademola Olatunji! All the best in your subsequent endeavours!

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