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Oluwo, Dele Momodu And The Aare Title



I could not vividly testify in practical the tender actions of many past and reigning figures but in theory, as an ardent reader and admirer of history, I can say much. I was far below a denarian when Dele, the son of Momodu got his first car in 1991. He started brightly, making his name and building his reputation in an objective, fair and balance journalism. As a promising journalist under the tutorship of the uncrowned winner of 1993 presidential election, MKO Abiola, Dele Momodu is an household name. His name was one of the few my government teacher, Mr. Akinboye Olabanji will reference while treating current affairs in my secondary school education at Royal Ambassador International College, Ileogbo, the first private secondary school in the town.

Dele went through many experiences,having lost his father at 13. God must have prepared him for a purpose.

More so, as I grew up, many figures, journalists included fade in popularity and recognition. Some are no long reckoned while few sustain the tempo. Dele Momodu birthed the idea of establishing his own media outfit. The adopted son of MKO Abiola floated Ovation Magazine in 1996. Though, frustrated at that moment owing to the continuous incarceration of Abiola but considered the need to establish a medium for the voiceless. The idea with his tenacity and leniency sustain his relevancy in political, social, human right and economic discussions.

Furthermore, he chose the part of honour through objective, liberal, fair and constructive criticism reports covering many facets of existence. He committed all his resources and managing his credibility. He grows at jet speed. He fought and won many battles. He challenged obstacles and came out victorious. Today, Dele Momodu is an entrepreneur, publisher, writer and content creator.

Dele ventured into politics at the age of 22, he started off as the campaign manager for Moshood Abiola under the Social Democratic Party (SDP). In 1999, he became the campaign manager for Olu Falae under the coalition of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) and All People’s Party (APP). And in 2011, he unsuccessfully contested for the presidency under the National Conscience Party (NCP

He emerged as the highest paid editor in Nigeria in September 1991 after he edited May Ellen Ezekiel’s Classique – a magazine for superstars. Following this great feat, Dele Momodu left the magazine and went into business as a bread distributor with “Wonderloaf” owned by M.K.O Abiola. For his loyalty to Abiola, he suffered under the military juntas. He was detained at Alagbon by IBB led government and subsequently hunted by Sanni Abacha. He is a freedom fighter, activist and liberator. He once cried at his persecution by Abacha. He cried not only for himself but for the country before his escape to London through Cotonu-Togo-Ghana. He sojourned in London, garnered arsenals one of which is his Ovation, came back to Nigeria to contribute meaningfully.

What he survived has killed many. But he remains a patriotic Nigerian. If not, Nigeria doesn’t deserves to have him back. He came back and still making his unalloyed support to Nigeria. How many persecuted like him still see fortunes in Nigeria to return to the state?

Who knows may be the wonders he sees through God in his ordeals made him to be Godly fellow? Asides other primary factors, the key connecting Dele Momodu with Oluwo is the his Godliness. The singular attributes exposed other quality attributes of Dele, the son of Momodu. Oluwo will always be enthused seeing Momodu while you see smiles in the face ofAbayomi. He so much loves God. He praises His name habitually.

By next Saturday, precisely Saturday 2nd October,.2021, he will be installed by the promoter of pure monarchy, the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, HIM (Dr.) Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, as the Aare.

The title is a message and can only be conferred on an illustrious but still more PROMISING individual as Ayobamidele Abayomi Ojutelegan Ajani Momodu.

Alli Ibraheem, Chief Press Secretary to Oluwo

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