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President Buhari Responsible For Killings In Nigeria, Gov Ortom Drops Another Bombshell



Governor Samuel Ortom has once again accused President Muhammadu Buhari of backing the terrorists wreaking havoc in Nigeria.

The governor, in a fresh interview with BBC on Saturday, said Buhari is responsible for the killings in Nigeria.
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He said the president refused to take the right actions against terrorists because they are Fulani.

“If the government has power to stop Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu, why don’t they have powers to stop bandits? All we hear is unknown gunmen.

“For me, I know it is Fulani bandits that are coming to kill us in Benue and our current leaders at Aso Rock in the presidency, have hands in all these that are happening.

“In fact, I was not the one who said it, even the Fulani bandits, they don’t want them to be addressed as Fulani.

“They should just be calling them bandits, but they have come out to say this government brought them in 2015. It is not something to hide.

“I’m not the one who said this alone, Obasanjo has said it too, even Sultan too. Didn’t you hear what Commodore Kunle said days ago?”

When asked for proof of his allegations, he said: “Which proof do you want again? Why did the President not brand the Fulani bandits as terrorists just like the way it branded IPOB a terrorist group and the way it tagged Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho?

“The President knows what he is doing, there are good Fulani people and those who want the country to be at peace but the President does not want it to happen. When I talk, the next thing is to blackmail me.

“When I spoke on channels TV a few days ago, it is been a while I spoke there, then the next thing I heard is that they are being queried because of my interview.

“Miyetti Allah sponsors terrorism, they get funds and they have taken responsibility for their actions.

“I have written a couple of times to the President. Another group, the Fulani nationality movement attempted to assassinate me, I have sent these findings to the president.”

“All these things, the presidency has all my findings especially the handlers of the President.”


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