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Blame Not Buhari And Governors,Instead Praise,Pray Unto God



By Olu. Babalola, Ibadan

Women Intercessory Net Work (WIN) Oyo State branch has called on Nigerians to stop cursing President Muhammadu Buhari and the state governors for the current challenges being faced in the country as the problems would soon vanish with their faith in God.

This was the admonition of women during a prayer programme initiated by Mrs Florence Ajimobi ,the wife of Oyo State governor in Ibadan during the week end.

The October programme featured women ministers of God who included Reverend Omowumi Popoola ,Pastor Funmi Awe,Rev. Patience Oyor,Rev.G.M.Orimadegun, Rev.Deborah Ayokunle and Mrs Yetunde Aare with the opening prayer by Pastor Funmi Awe while the initiator is Mrs Ajimobi.

Popoola in her admonition,advised Nigerians to stop cursing neither the President nor the governors from who they are expecting much stressing that they should put their trust only in God almighty who would make all things possible.

She emphasised the need for praising God in all circumstances in which people find themselves be they palatable or otherwise because God appreciates his praises at all times and always reward those praising him than those complaining.

Quoting from many scriptural passages, the minister stressed that what the country and individuals were passing through would be overcome with persistent praising of God and prayer.

She counselled believers to treasure their salvation by leading sinless lives despite temptations in all spheres of life.

Popoola was of the view that most of the problems being experienced were caused by Nigerians adding that we should forsake and repent of our sins with salvation as our focus.

Rev.Oyor observed that sins of corruption,kidnapping,rape, dishonesty and others have pervaded the country stressing that prayers would never be answered if we remain in sin.

She advised believers to resist the temptation of making negative pronouncements on the country,their states and families but praise God and passing their requests unto him.

Prophetic declarations were made that”God will make Nigeria even more prosperous than She was before.Our land will never again devour her people or rob them of their children.”