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Lagos Football Association Chair Suspended For Slapping Vice Chairman



The Chairman of the Lagos State Football Association, LSFA, Fouad Oki, has been suspended following allegations of misconduct and high handedness.

Fouad was accused of slapping the Vice Chairman, Olawale Gafaar, during a meeting on Tuesday.

In a viral video of their altercation on the internet, Gafaar accused Oki, who was sitting in the boardroom, of slapping him.

He said: “Chairman, you slapped me and punched me in my throat. I will take anything for football.

“This is our destiny and lives. The oppression is over, we can’t take this anymore and the Board is suspending you unanimously.”

Five out of nine Board members were said to have voted for Oki’s suspension.

He was also accused of failing to attend the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, Congress without excuse and knowledge of the LSFA Board.

The Board members accused Oki of changing the association’s logo without the approval of the Board or the Congress, and denying the Nigerian Professional League A1 Camera delegates access to test-run the A1 camera prior to the commencement of the league.