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UNIOSUN Alumni Body Pledges More Support For Alma Mater, Elects New NEC



The Osun State University Alumni Association has restated its commitment to the development of the University especially in the area of infrastructure and maintenance of academic standards.

The Chairman, Caretaker Transition Committee (CTC) of the Association, Dr. Toyin Olaniyan, made this known in his Welcome Address at the Annual National Convention of the alumni community, held at the Olagunsoye Oyinlola Hall, Osun State University, Osogbo, on Saturday, 27 April, 2024, and highlighted the need for the body to unite and support the alma mater in order to remain at the forefront of teaching, research and community development.

Themed “The Role of Alumni in the Development of the University,” the convention had over 161 alumni in attendance, the highest in the history of the association while 136 were accredited, having duly registered and deemed eligible to vote at the convention.
In his welcome remark, Dr Toyin was quoted to have said, “Your presence here not only honours our alma mater but also strengthens the bond that we share as members of this esteemed community. Today, we gather to reflect on the memories we have made, the lessons we have learned, and take bold steps towards repositioning our association.”
“On getting to our mother campus this morning, I am sure we all reflect on the rich history of our beloved institution and are reminded of the countless individuals who have passed through its halls and gone on to achieve great things in their respective fields. From groundbreaking research to innovative discoveries, our young but vibrant university has been at the forefront of academic excellence and has played a vital role in shaping the minds of future leaders. It is no doubt that leaders in every sector of the economy, from politics and business to science and the arts, have come from our University.”
“By working together, we have to give back to the community and be able to significantly improve the lives of current students, fund programs that further our university’s goal, and offer a forum for professional growth and networking among ourselves – the alumni. With a sense of responsibility, bravery and tenacity, we have to live up to these expectations with the knowledge that, united, we can conquer any hindrance and deliver on the key mandates of our association.”
“As we commence our convention and elect new executives who will administer the affairs of our association for the next two years, let us carry on the proud tradition of excellence that our great institution personifies and continue to uphold the values that have made our alma mater a place of inspiration and growth. With a strong foundation built on values of integrity, innovation, and community, we are confident that Osun State University will continue to be a beacon of excellence in higher education. But as one of the stakeholders in the university community, we must not be left out. Now is the time to stop internal strife and join other stakeholders to create a nurturing environment where students and alumni can thrive and reach their full potential. Again, this can only be achieved through a united front and when we speak with one voice.”
Also speaking, the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the association, Engr. Adebisi K. Aderanti, revealed that the association was on a threshold of history and “at this critical moment and turning point in the history of our association, we, as alumni, have a critical role to play in shaping the future of our university and building a strong social capital.”
He added that all over the world, alumni associations are regarded as the lubricant and catalyst for the development of universities and UNIOSUN alumni association would not be an exception. He stressed that, “The time is now to put our differences behind, renew our commitment and come out boldly in support of the institution that has provided us with so much while leveraging on our collective strength and determination to make a difference and help ourselves to grow and thrive professionally. Whether through mentorship, networking, or philanthropy, our contributions will ensure that UNIOSUN remains a beacon of knowledge and innovation for generations to come.”
On the now resolved crisis that nearly paralysed the association, Engr. Adebisi maintained that strategic efforts and reconciliation were employed and that it was the considered opinion of the Trustees that that is required “to turn enmity and hostility into peace, and hatred into love. It denotes a radical and all-encompassing transformation and the approach is recognized globally as an actual effort made on the part of an individual or a group of people to live side by side in peace and without holding on to resentment. So, it is safe to say that all the legal matters before the association have been cleared because all the concerned parties are committed to the renewal of all broken relationships and development of our alma mater.”

He added, “to further protect the interest of the association and safeguard its assets, from 2016 to 2022, the BOT carried out the association’s external audit. It is the first of its kinds in the history of our association and marks a significant milestone, showcasing a commitment to transparency and accountability. Highlights from the report will be published as soon as it is made available to us by the auditor. We have no doubt whatsoever that transparency and accountability in financial matters will not only help in building a solid foundation for future projects and initiatives but also make the new leadership to be voted here today better equipped to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.”

“Distinguished alumni, even though we are going into an election and you all have preferences, let us not forget that in the race of life, we don’t get to win all contests; you win some, you lose some but in our own case at this convention, all of us are winners. We all need to work harmoniously to lift the association up from where the last NEC dropped the curtain. Let us set aside our differences and focus on the common goal of advancing UNIOSUN and rebuilding our association.”

He thanked the university management under the leadership of Prof. Clement Adebooye and stakeholders of the association including former chairman of the CTC, Engr. Olatunde K. Adewale, who, according to him, started the reconciliation process, the current CTC chairman, Dr. Olaniyan S. Toyin, and his team, the Electoral Committee led by Mr Arisilejoye Azeez and everyone that made the convention possible.

According to the electoral committee, 270 members registered for the convention but only 263 were eligible voters since all seven members of the electoral committee are not allowed to vote and be voted for.

In his final address, the Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Arisilejoye, declared Mr. Abubasit as the new National President having polled 115 votes to defeat other candidates in the presidential race. For the Vice President, Akinlade Boluwatife polled 105 votes and emerged victorious. Other winners at the poll include Sulaimon Ibrahim (National General Secretary), Arasayin Azeezat (National Assistant General Secretary), Gbadamosi Abdulwaha (National Treasurer), Adejumo Joseph (National Finanancial Director), Faleyimu Oluwasegun (National Publicity Director), Ifeade Adetutu (National Social Director) and Habib Rasheed (Assistant National Auditor).

The Congress agreed that Mr. Afolabi Adedayo Jamiu should be ratified as the National Auditor of the association with 51 votes.