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Honourable Minister; Festus Keyamo: The Verdict Of Nigerians On Their Aviator 001 As A True Symbol Of Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda By Adeboye Adebayo



Honourable Minister; Festus Keyamo: The Verdict Of Nigerians On Their Aviator 001 As A True Symbol Of Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda By Adeboye Adebayo

When President Bola Ahmed Tinubu assigned Barrister Festus Keyamo to be in charge of the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development on August 2023, there were mixed feelings and reactions among Nigerians, his followers, friends, enemies, haters, his boys and those who are jealous of him for different reasons. Some people believed that our boss had gotten a juicy ministry, some thought he had gotten a delicate ministry, the naysayers thought that his failure had come, and while some showed genuine concerns that Keyamo had been given a more technical terrain which is different from the courtroom or arbitration as he is known to be a successful lawyer and a valiant in front of any judge as a member of the inner bar and an international arbitrator.

For me, I was of the stern opinion that being a successful administrator who has administrated his law chambers successfully, I have no iota of doubt in my mind that he will succeed in any ministry as a minister. I quickly challenge the public in my article titled *_“Aviation and Aerospace Development: What Nigerians Should Expect Under Festus Keyamo’s Watch By Adeboye Adebayo”_* where I enumerated the innovative and administrative acumen that the Minister will bring to the table in changing the state of decay, ignorance, wicked and unpatriotic state of the Aviation industry that is stopping Nigerians from benefitting the luxury of flying with maximum comfort despite the huge funds they were putting in and deny the country the benefit to maximize the gains of the industry through numerous bilateral agreements.

As we have seen today, naysayers are being forced to swallow the bitter pills by commending the revamping processes embarked on by the Honourable Minister; Festus Keyamo, SAN in the sector as a result of his determination to make difference, his patriotism that Nigeria and Nigerians must enjoy full benefits of the sector and his belief in the capacity of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his renewed hope agenda for the country.

In an exclusive interview on Arise TV morning show, the minister rendered his stewardship to Nigerians and explained his ongoing efforts to revamp the sector through his five-point agenda that includes; Safety and Comfortable flight, Helping local players in the sector to grow, Holistic Infrastructural Developments in the sector, Training & retraining of critical players in the sector and accruing maximum revenue to the government. The minister explained that his ministry is working with relevant stakeholders to develop a road map for the standardization and development of world-class infrastructure for all our airports and their operation, despite the critical politics going on in the aviation sector of the world, he has been able to navigate and successfully secured Nigeria-London routes for our local airline as Air peace is now on that route.

The Ministry under his watch has been able to dig to the roots of the problems of why Nigerian Airlines do not have access to the leasing of aircraft for their businesses like other players around the world. It was discovered that Nigeria was blacklisted because of frivolous court injunctions against the business agreement and policies of the group. Today, being a member of the judiciary himself and a member of the inner bar, he has been able to convince the president and the Attorney General of the Federation, AGF of the reasons why frivolous injunctions secured by some erring lawyers and granted by some desperate judges should be stopped against a signed business agreement with foreign investors to encourage them to trust our system and continue doing business with us and as a result among other efforts, the Aviation working group is considering delisting Nigeria from its black list thereby raising the bar of hope for our airlines to begin to access the leasing of aircraft to boost and expand their businesses.
The Arise TV interview offered great insights into the efforts of Festus Keyamo to make the sector great and very attractive to investors around the world and as expected, Nigerians rushed to the comment section of the YouTube channel of the TV station and gave verdicts on the Honourable Minister and his efforts on the Aviation sector. The judgment comes from friends and foes, below are some of the unedited comments by Nigerians as compiled by me.

*_ON FESTUS KEYAMO AS THE MINISTER OF THE MINISTRY OF AVIATION & AEROSPACE DEVELOPMENT:_* Courtesy the YouTube channel of Arise TV, these are people’s verdicts unedited;

@niiade515: If Festus Keyamo continues on this trajectory perhaps he may end up being one of the best aviation ministers we have had…..considering how unfortunately unfortunate this sector has been in this area!

@muhammadghaliahmed6793: Dear Honourable Minister for Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo (SAN), I listened to you carefully on your explanation on Nigeria Aviation under your leadership since six (6) months ago. To be frank with you Sir, I am very impressed with your focus, steadfastness, strategic planning and science of management of the Aviation sector and Aerospace development. May the almighty Allah bless you and grant you success in your tenure.

@seyiogunye5479: It’s evident that Keyamo did some good research on his portfolio after being appointed. He came ready!

@shadrachkambai9684: Your willingness and audacity to confront the critical issues in the industry is commendable

@ativiejonathan3705: So far so good, he’s the best Aviation minster The Country has had on recent times

@maduchukwuebuka1542: This’s my minister talking, you shall be the next aviation minister.
You perfectly fit the portfolio; you’re going strong so far. Nigeria will be great and respected once again

@xikoandy: No one doubts result…I am not a Keyamo fans…But, He is doing well on this matter

@uniquecomrade341: I have my issues with Minister Keyamo on different levels but I will not take out the fact that he is a very intelligent and smart person! Kudos for your efforts Also wishing Rufai a.k.a > (Ruffi) a very blessed happy birthday! And to Arise crew you guys are doing very well in delivering and also drilling your invites with authentic and quality questions! Kudos

@ezekielakusos2826: Kudos Keyamo, He is unlike the rest of the minister that are dodging away from been interviewed from the Arise Proficient journalists. All Nigerian ministers preferred to run to NTA or TVC to be interviewed.

@purposehousetv16: I think Keyamo has finally been given a platform to shine .Great work sir That Lagos airport too dey hot abeg

@oniemmanuel5153: Thank you Hon. Minister, the president was right to choose you. My mindset about you changed totally after the interview. Thank you Arose for giving the platform.

@josephoribhabor: I’m very impressed with Festus Keyamo, I hope all these speeches come to reality real soon. God bless Nigeria!

@ogbonnaya1004: Minister Keyamo seems to be on top of his job this time. Kudos to him. Please he should stay focused. I wish him all the best.

@emmanuelnnamdi5538: I have my issues with SAN Festus Keyamo, but honestly speaking i take off my hat with this interview, Sir you speak with facts and confidence, your doing a good job sir, kudos to you and please keep it up God almighty will continue to strengthen you and give you more wisdom and zeal to turn our aviation sector to world class.

@ValHailey: This minister right here is doing fantastically well.. kudos to you sir.

@josephc.a3942: Mr Keyamo this is a great opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. Please don’t waste it.

@UNBREAKABLEPLUSTV-du7xh: This man is winning my heart back. Well done

@kangiwa1635: To Barrister Festus Keyamo SAN. I thank you. Continue with your work and do less politics. Your footprints are everywhere. History beacons. It is heartwarming and a total departure from recent events of your predecessor. Kudos!

@jiksawo08: Good job by the minister but where is Rufai? Keyamo smiled when he heard that Rufai is not around

@jeremiahomada1025: I’m an aviator and I was heavily skeptical about Oga Keyamo initially…he is not just killing it, his know-how on the industry <1yr in office is aviation Bachelor degree esque. @asonyepatrick: This man is trying his best @stevepathfinder3959: Arise please bring more of these ministers to come to speak with Nigerians. We need to know what they are doing and their progress in their sectors. Imagine how we could have been castigating Min Keyamo Festus unaware that behind the scene, he is working tirelessly to bring transformation in the aviation sector. More ministers need to engage with us. I love the questions around timeline of projects. Projects must be time bound! @olojeeable: I do not personally like Keyamo but I can confirm that he has done well so far. A. Exchange of Adverts for Services at Nigerian Airports with Access Bank is well thought out. Fix the chillers, toilets, escalators, elevators, conveyor belts, constant electricity through renewable energy are all very important. B. 100% Backing of Air Peace against those flying vampires (other international airlines) is commendable. C. Removing all legal conundrums to remove non-performing aircraft in Nigeria is a job well done. This will bring back confidence into our aviation sector @Imolenisationmovement-nq8xb: For the first time, professionally speaking, I listened to Minister Keyamo and from all angles, I can say he has done a good job. Refined politics is good. I wish him more wins as he acts in good fate. @ikeolubaba8337: Love this interview, thanks to Mr Festus Keyamo and Arise Tv. Nigeria must be great again. Watching from Zurich Switzerland @vonapochi4093: Festus Keyamu impressive. God bless you. @mathewgabriel3724: I want to commend our honourable minister Keyamo. I think you are doing well so far. While I would not blow you whistle yet. I will pray you continue doing well. You seemed to have a focus and a heart to succeed. Kudos @kwobsiemarius9613: this man knows how to speak very well. Very eloquent. @g.oakorede7269: Minister Festus Keyamo is exceptionally skilled at what he does – he's undoubtedly the most qualified person for the job. Under his leadership, the aviation sector is poised for unprecedented growth. Get ready to witness remarkable progress! @bayofat: As a Nigerian, I am proud of you, Minister of Aviation, Festus, brilliant, focused, and truthful. Please keep it up, and come back soon to update Nigerians on progress. I wish others e.g., Power , Agriculture, Mineral Resources, can be so visionary @adelekepeter7672: Although I'm not a fan of festus keyamo and APC but I'm really impressed by what he has achieved within this short period and what he said is planning to accomplish, kudos to him. @AkinolaAdeyemi-pu6vq: Great work done by the minister of Aviation. Keep up the good work. Nigerians just wants a country that works. @okeyekeh936: Well done Mr kayamo, you are doing a wonderful job @podoeme: Festus Keyamo has won my support from just this detailed explanation. If Tinubu has upto 5-10 ministers working like Keyamo, then things will get better very soon. Well done mate ! @veraa.9656: Thank you, Ayo, for doing a good job and filling in for Rufia. Good interview, Abbati. Kayemo is working. I pray he lives lasting legacy in aviation as he promised. @lekanlekuti4129: Nigeria is working now. May God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria. @johnsonchikwendu7371: Leave Festus alone. Let him speak. Don't interrupt him. We want to hear him, please @dorcasoyedeji4506: Going on like this Festus may redeem it's credibility; we are watching. 12 months is around the corner, wish him success. @aipboess7138: Keyamo seems to have landed a job that suits him. I wish him well for all our benefit @ikechibenedict9049: Ayo thank you for standing your ground to question OGA Festus Keyamo well....Ayo is very smart and intelligent. @nwairehsamuel4378: Festus Kayemo is really trying his best @reginaldiheanachor253: Well-done, Mr Keyamo. Best wishes always. @oluwaseyi-owu: I love this interview, you are doing well minister. Thumb up @Chidiuche: Mr. President got it right by appointing Festus Keyamo as minister of aviation. I ask him to promptly remove all non-performing ministers so that his administration can have pass marks. @braingeorge3212: Festus is not my guy but he's very good he deserves our complete support! @chineduasogwa5208: I am impressed with the interview with the minister. I am not a fan of his but, he came for the interview prepared and he seems to have a good grip on what is happening in his space. If other ministers would be on top of their games this way, and very importantly, shun personal interests, Nigeria will definitely move forward. @fnm2156: For once, this man has spoken well. Sounds better and more direct and calm. I enjoyed his interview for once. @braingeorge3212: Festus, you have capacity and I trust he will deliver! @stevepathfinder3959: Although I hardly believe Mr Keyamo bcos of previous experiences with his personality changes bcos of politics, I will say I am impressed with his intelligent responses to the questions & efforts this time and we are seeing the results. Please don’t stop. Your law profession was useful in sorting out legal issues in this aviation politics. Well done. I pray more strength and wisdom in this vital sector. @maksel.ik6: Formal Aviation minister should listen and see how this minister is running his show. @nwairehsamuel4378: Good and honest word by creating enabling environment for business to flourish and survive . Many thanks Festus Kayemo SAN @nonnyluv9367: Festus Keyamo seems to be the best Minister in this government @emmanuelochieke1645: Since when has this Ayo become so argumentative, confrontational, and not allowing Festus Keyamo to finish what he's saying? @onyemaohabuike7974: Why are they interrupting Festoo....I am enjoying his exposition, it's like being in a class room and It's obvious he is not just occupying the office, he is really working like someone who knows the job. Kudos Festoo... @chinelonzelibe1391: Festus Keyamo is really doing well in Aviation Sector. Ride on hardworking visionary Minister. Can other Ministers in Power, Health, Education and Works tell us their success stories and direction. @iam_bantu-eh3bz: THANK YOU HON. MINISTER F. KEYAMO..... TRUE PATRIOTIC SON OF THE SOIL. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU.. @chukadennisamadi7888: See how cordial & engaging this interview is. No bad bad blood, no insults, no quarrels. What's the reason? NO RUFAI. Uncle Reuben is complaining that people are boycotting them & avoiding to come to answer questions. U see am? It's the same reason - RUFAI @joeb.1163: Im impressed by Keyamo.. He is doing a good job. @user-pf3uj2hf3y: Very good interview. Mr. Keyamo, please don't fail us from Delta. We are first class people. Well done @AlexAnosike-fo2mj: @Ayo and Reuben. Please when you bring people to your studio, the public want to hear them talk, make your questions concise and allow your guests to give the viewing public the answers they are waiting for. You interject a lot. Please adjust! @minabaiseibofa: Thank you Minister Keyamo. Very insightful interview @hentasy: One of the things i admire so much abt Barr. Festus Keyamo is his intelligence. This man is so intelligent, smart, speaks eloquently and commands respect. The only area I dnt go with his views is in terms of politics. Tho I undrstnd he must speak to protect his party integrity. Aside that, Festus Keyamo is a Nigerian treasure. Kudos our honourable minister & SAN felixomolayo4859: This man is intelligent @chidi-lm1tx: Well done, Festus. @onyiimale: I honestly like this guy. Politics aside, he is the most decent man among the Agbodos that I know. He is also less tribalistic in my own opinion. @user-qi5wi3zo6w: I used to like Keyamo. When he joined APC I changed my opinion of him. However sincerely, I can't cancel a clear goal because it's my enemy that scored it. Currently am being enticed by your detailed explanations and passion for your job,to such an extent that anytime I see your interviews, I want to watch the program. Kudos @JustinAgu: Esteemed Minister, Mr. Keyamo, I value your unwavering commitment and advocacy for Nigeria in your official capacity. Our nation requires more individuals like yourself who would diligently fulfill their duties. Commendations to you, sir; your devotion to your responsibilities is praiseworthy and sets an excellent example for others to follow. @onakoyayemi8985: An outstanding interview. Great deliveries and discoveries. @Chidiuche: Nyesom Wike should borrow a leaf from Festus Keyamo by supporting local investors. His decision to tear down people's real estate investments instead of working to resolve issues is highly regrettable. I know he will say they are illegal structures but the same office he works in, approves these buildings, and issues the corresponding documents. The way Mr. Wike asserts himself as the only arbiter of truth to destroy people's source of livelihood is disheartening . He did it as a Governor, and now as a minister. He better make a detour while he has the opportunity. @amahuchenna1616: Well done minister. However, my problem with our government is that everything is always in the pipeline for 4-8 years. @ObjectiveObserver-xh4vk: Keyamo. thank you. I am one of your critics. But i must say you are on top of your job. @sholasholknb9199: I have NOTHING but pass mark for Minister FESTUS Keyamo, his LEGACY will be massive, Posterity will praise you. You response to Twitter complaints. @oluwaseyiajayi9835: This interview would have not been this smooth and reasonable if guyman was around. @mykeakyn1503: The Hon minister of Aviation capacity to deliver if allowed has never been in doubt. I pray that GOD help him to actualize all these lofty and great ideas / plans. He should please not be tired of supporting and helping the local airlines into the international routes. Weldone Arise TV and big clap and to the minister. @adilamusicTV: This is so hard to trust, but we are watching i wish him success and i hope he means everything. @chikeokoye8455: Keyamo is not doing bad at all.....Keep it up. @Kayceelem: Keyamo is doing his best @Hilhorsepower: I am impressed by Hon Minister Festus Keyamo’s performance with you guys in ARISE NEWS in this interview. Kudos to him. @ighiwiyisiigbinoba4760: Continue this good way, honorable minister. During the election, i never liked you, but you are beginning to win my trust and likeness. Please measurefleets the air peace extends to European union fleet. We're tired of exploitation from the foreign Airlines. God be with you and strengthen you for all your good efforts. @osasmonday8165: Thank you all for making Nigeria to wake up bless you all. @ozstv5957: Best wishes Rufai. Kudos to Honourable Minister. At least for once Bar. Keyamo is doing something outstanding. @winsalamusesstudios.5032: He shows tht he is on top of his ministry. Unlike the powerless minister Adelabu @OyeOpaneye: Festus Keyamo sounds like a visionary! He also sounds very knowledgeable about the aviation industry. I hope he's given the time and space to succeed. @stevepathfinder3959: Ayo is doing very great. She press the right question buttons. Welldone Ayo. Dr Abati is amazing as well in his approach. The combo was lite. We missed the presence of Dr Rufai. He would have added a new dimension and colour to the show. Honourable Festus is very intelligent. I see sincerity in his responses free from politics. Please make this sector to be proud of you eternally. Trust we Nigerians will always reference your impact even after your service time end @adeboyeolanrewaju8657: Thanks Barr Keyamo @alozienjoku6543: I had never liked you but your legacy here has changed all that Mr Festus Keyamo Well done @okeyekeh936: Well done Mr kayamo @olufemiogunkoya3865: Thanks HM for Aviation Festus Keyamu for the reforms and information you shared. I have known you to be a dogged achiever, please see all the reforms and Nigerians will never forget your contribution in decades to come. Please share the e-mail of the consumer protection at the airports so that complaints can be seamless and tracked with ease @bonifaceokeke6365: Impressive interview . The minister appears to be forthcoming and competent . We keep our eyes on him. @olakante4372: Really impressive. If all these come to fruition, Keyamo will be the best minister of this regime easily. @taharka3897: I would like to know when would Nigeria airlines fly to the Caribbean, especially jamaica my beautiful country @ainaoludarem.7161: You can see how it was easy for him to answer all the questions because his answers are nothing but the naked truth. Unlike during the election when he was struggling to defend lies about his master. Well done and God bless you on this one you are doing. @eguono9057: Brilliant from keyamo @josephfagbola: We are nappy and thank the Aviation Minister, Festus Keyamo for doing something within a short time. This is unlike the former Minister of Aviation who did nothing for so long a time. For the bureaucratic d lays, a way out , I want to suggest he has a kitchen extra ministerial Department that will attend swiftly to ensuring functional infrastructure. He should also find a way of circumventing the typical “ Nigerianness” going on in the Aviation Industry. Well-done and kudos for Festius Keyamo @user-id8fz5nj5g: Well done, Honorable Minister. Governance per excellence. @fistandpen2505: This is the kind of detail we expect from ministers of the federation. Please engage the likes of Aluko & Oyebode (SANS) and Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) on this matter. As a U.S based lawyer myself I would advise of close scrutiny of the AWG policy and the Cape Town Convention. An immediate issue I see with removing the ability from our courts to enjoin removal of planes is that there will very possibly be cases were an airline seeks to unfairly repatriate an aircraft notwithstanding previous fees paid. Basically, our carries will still need a pause period that allows them to escalate matters to a governing body. Whether that is by an arbitration clause or otherwise should be considered. But don't automatically swing it in favor of external airlines who can themselves be dubious. Look at what Boeing is currently going through. @scorp6332: Thank you Festus. God bless you @chrisimoukhuede4083: Good job Keyamo SAN. Keep up the good work. I hope you will continually work the talk. @globaldon7212: Good job, Mr Festus. For the first time, I think you are being reasonable. Keep up the good job ! @chinyereotuya6347: This was a great presentation. Im happy with his progress. Rome was not built in a day. I will suggest they give the contracts to the best and not by who they know. @bolasalak7360: Keyamo I am really impressed by your performance. The last time I was in MMA Lagos it was slightly a better story as the air-conditioning was working for the first time in several years. @ezekiellinc2732: Average Obidient will be like this baba Tinubu is disappointing us oo. Jagabam is working. Good job Festus Keyamo. @user-mt1fn5en8l: I celebrate you sir kayamo you are the real goat. @princeenenta9841: I really like this guy Festus Keyamo he has that drive.. i just have one very important thing to ask of him.. can he make it to be very illegal and criminal for any airport staff or agency in the airport to request for money from travellers.. It is becoming so bad that they are asking for the money with attitude and sense of entitlement.. my last visit to Nigeria in MM Airport lagos one of the custom lady was telling metoo she could use 2hrs to search my bags and i will miss my connecting flight if i don't do what is necessary. @prisu8384: Is like Festus Kyamor is becoming very normal oh, he sounds very active and working very hard. May God give him more wisdom to bring the needed change we need in aviation sector. @charlesukaoha8638: Truth und Honesty set one free and peaceful.Kudos to our honorable Minister of Aviation (Festus Keyamo) Please continue like this Sir,so that the Hope of many Nigerians can be resurrected in Aviation ministry.l am proud of the wonderful work u have determine to do for yr nation, bringing joy to a lot of Nigerians.l pray that this good work u started can also be replicated in other Ministries. @tomtomy4473: I wasnt a fan of this man before in person of mr keyamo. Now i love him for his commitment to see this deals done properly. If BA does 7 slots to lagos, then Airpeace shud land in Heathrow too. @faithk.johnsonofficial5074: I may have my different with Keyamo but the truth is that in this one I give him credit. He has really done well so far this eviation work. Weldon Minister. @obinnaonyema4736: Sincerely i have never been your fan but I must commend your effort,more strength to your elbow.....really proud of you. @OlaDayo4: Mr. Keyamo thank you for the on in your dept. Above are the diverse views of Nigerians on the efforts and stewardships of Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development; Barrister Festus Keyamo, SAN to make the Aviation sector look great and competitive among the comity of great nations around the world. Keyamo has displayed capacity, will, energy, and skills. May God help and strengthen our Boss! _Comrade Adeboye Adebayo; a Tinubu campaigner is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, a member of the APC Professional Forum, National Publicity Secretary, Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation, AGF, was the National Director, Media and Publicity of the defunct Asiwaju Project Beyond 2023 and was an official spokesman of APC, Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council._