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Greatness of Night By Abdulganiyy Abdullahi Alao



Many desire greatness in life
But can’t use their night
Some want success in the world
But can’t go through its woes
They search in quest
Of great things
But it’s just a word on tongue

Most want the great predecessors
As their role models
But waffle to pursue their itinerary
In magnanimous struggle
They can’t engage in sleeplessness
As they do for itinerary

Alas! Night Is a great time in life
When the weather is tranquil
When darkness becomes the order of day
When people take rest
From the life stress

Night is when the sent arrow
Never mistarget
The night gives room
For any being to get it used
And achieve its intent

For man to emerge successful
He must enforce his nights
Without being acedia
For a journey of thousands of miles
Begins with a step
Utilize your night well
For you to succeed!!!

@ Abdulganiyy Abdullahi Alao is a product of Islamic College, Osogbo

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