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[OPINION]10th NASS: When Elected, What Chimaroke Nnamani Will Bring As Benefits To Igboland By Adeboye Adebayo



I am not an Igbo man but I have many fine gentlemen and ladies as friends, political, business associates and leaders from the land.

This piece is a genuine opinion of a third party who wants the best out of the bests for the mother land of his friends, associates and leaders.

I will make it as short as possible for easy reading for the readers who will create little out of their time to go through it.

Senator Chimaroke Nnamani is currently a ranking Senator from Enugu East Senatorial district by the virtue of his second term at the 9th assembly. His achievements are enormous since his days as governor of Enugu State till this day on his sojourn at the senate, I don’t need to be enumerating that.

Anywhere in the world, democratic government rests on the pillar called legislative arm and it is the symbol of democracy. In case of Nigeria, the two chambers of the Senate and House of Representatives are our legislative arm.

Ranking members of the chambers have the experience required to make laws that will assist the policies of government and its implementation in line with utmost yearnings of the people, they must have learnt the rudiments of engagement in their first and second terms in the chambers, making them more experienced in the core legislative duties than the first termers and that is the major reasons why they are always considered for principal offices in the chambers as the ruling parties zone to their regions.

Senator Chimaroke Nnamadi, when elected on the 18th March stands the chance of being a formidable principal officer in the 10th assembly because he will be a third termer senator from the Eastern part of Nigeria and that means a lot for the people from that region and Enugu State in particular.

He will attract numerous benefits in terms of political positions, infrastructure developments and investment opportunities to the region as one of the most ranking Senators in the red chamber.

Hence, Voting for him to go to the Senate for the third term is going to do a lot of good to the entire South East region.

He is very close to the President-Elect, he believes so much in the leadership and capacity of the President-Elect and he demonstrated that in campaigning for him despite the party differences and now that the President-Elect has emerged, it will only be hugely more beneficial to the South Easterners to ensure that Senator Chimaroke Nnamadi wins at the poll.

So I urge all Ibos to support, Canvass votes, mobilise votes, VOTE and defend the votes for their huge developments and dividends of democracy through the most ranking Senator, Chimaroke Nnamadi

Thank you as you will thank me later if you do the needful.

Thank you and God bless the Igboland.

_Comrade Adeboye Adebayo writes from Lagos Nigeria_

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